California Superbike School

Myself and Pouty have booked ourselves in for this if anyone is interested in giving it a go with us.

I will be doing Level 1 and Pouty will be in Level 2.

So looking forward to this, always learning new things:P

Can you skip levels or do you have to do level 1? What if you get there and it is clear that you won’t be learning as much from level 1 as from level 2, is it like a trackday where they can move you, or you just booked in to level 1 regardless?

Not that I feel that I am beyond level 1, but you probably are. You will of course learn something, but probably not as much as I would.

I did ask that very same question when i was there watching recently but they don’t move you and i understand why after watching.

I have always said that you are constantly learning and any input from more experienced instructors and riders is a good thing. So who am i to say that i will not learn from the same people that help the likes of Leon Camier along with many top class riders.

I am so looking forward to see what they can help me develop further and get a true input to how i ride.

how do you book this PJ? I will jump on this as want to get level 1 done so I know I’m practising the right stuff on trackdays…

scrap that question found thier site. Need to transfer some from me savings account but will book it up this weekend.

I’ll be really interested in your opinion & learnings too PJ.

I did level 1 last year and enjoyed it … I guess part of their thing is to try and get you back to basics and build you back up again, hence you must do level 1 first. A cynic would say they just want to max the money from you :wink:

I’m quite tempted to join you. I did level 1 last year on Brands Hatch. Am a little tempted to repeat level 1, as have got a little lazy since, but as long as they give a little refresher level 2 sounds good.

looking really tempting
been thinking of booking level 2 as level 1 was brilliant…

are you using your bike or are you going to hire on of their R6s?
last time i drove down and hired as my bike was in the shop and didn’t want to risk binning mine…

I’ll be using my bike… I would doubt your on the ragged edge of binning it on a learning day

you say that but i did witness some people in the shrubbery when i did level one

Booked :smiley:

I will be on the BMW

so did I on the first tyre warmer lap of brands ha ha there’s idiots everywhere after all.

So if I book there will be least 4 LB’ers on it which is alreeeet :cool:

PJ, did you look into the Group discount thing I told you about? Not sure if you’ve phoned up to see if its something they’d look into :cool:

it was done on pistonheads …

ooooh tempting!

devsTa (20/05/2011)

PJ, did you look into the Group discount thing I told you about? Not sure if you’ve phoned up to see if its something they’d look into :cool:it was done on pistonheads …[/quote]To be honest mate i didn’t but that was only because the spaces were running out and i didn’t want to miss out. I’m sure if we looked into this again for either later in the year or for next year then we could come up with something.

cool, maybe i’ll phone up and ask about later dates. Really want to do Level 1!

Well worth the money in my opinion. I found levels 1 and 2 very useful as a new rider. Levels 3 and 4 (mostly recap) more for the racer and track day enthusiast I’d say.

Enjoy, great bunch of people, a scientific approach to something that can be quite personal. For the experience rider it may be hard to curb existing habits, go with open mind with a calm state :slight_smile:

Well worth the money mate, I did level 3 yesterday and Tony from bike mag was with us, so look out for the article soon.

I’d love to do this. Quite pricey though :crying: