California Superbike School - Level 1 @ Rockingham

As I mentioned to some of you, this summer I would like to do level 1 of the California Superbike School. Level 1 is the starting point of the school and,independently from your skills, is the point where they want everybody to start. Each level is a 1 day course, morning till down.

I checked when they do level 1 at Rockingham which Jay told me is a better pick than Silverstone. That’s on 4 Jun, 5 Jun, 9 Jul, 10 Jul. The price is £369 (a bit steep really) if you use your own bike, add £199 if you want to use their bike.

Anybody interested?

I was thinking of doing level 1 on 4 Jun. I will decide next week.

You can find more info @

Me and Trigger are doing Level 1 at Silverstone on 17th April.

Will let you know how it goes.

I am a Rockingham june 4th doing level 2

Excellent, I think I’m going to book. Tws_636 are you sure about level 2 on 4th, in their schedule they only say level 1 and level 2 from 5th.

Francesco I will give them a call, just checked their site and it says from the 5th for L2 I am sure I booked the 4th

Ok, I’m booked for 4th June. Ouch!.. £369

Drei, still up for that?

tw_636 the confirmation e-mail doesn’t say when one has booked, did you receive an information pack at home with the information as well?

I’m booked for level 1 at sliverstone on 17 May

You should watch Twist Of the Wrist video. It’s hilarious - very retro!

Although the books are better!

Yes, I saw it, it’s very funny.

I got a couple of books at home but I did not have the time to have a look at them as yet. Hopefully I will have some time before my day at the CSS.

I hope you’ll pardon a newbie intrusion…

I did the California Superbike School at Loudon, New Hampshire in 1983. I bought the t-shirt and I haven’t stopped grinning. I went with a mate and it was the most fun I have ever had, scaring myself silly. They had five groups of fifteen riders and sent us out with the warning that if we crashed, that was the end of our day. Then, they had us sign the liability waivers. A guy in the first group crashed on the first corner and it stopped everything for 45 minutes while they put the hay bale fire out.

We did ten timed laps, then they pulled us in to calm our nerves. They gave us a few go-faster pointers and sent us out for another ten laps. I was pleased to see my times come down. Twenty laps was plenty for me. Yeah, it was a lot of money, but it really was a once in a lifetime experience.

The main thing I learned was that I was not cut out to be a racer. I was hitting those apexes as quick as I could and I still had some kid cut under me going 10 miles per hour faster. The other thing I learned was, if you’re going to go fast, the track is the place to do it. The only place.

I tour for the scenery now, not the thrills.

Have fun on your course. I can’t wait to read the reports.


Hey, thank you very much for your comment, it looks like v good fun then! (If one doesn’t crash! And I need to avoid that otherwise all my plans for the summer go pear shaped! )

No worries with your contributions because you are a newbie, they are always very much appreciated!

Last Monday I did level one of the CSS at Rockingham, it was a good experience and I though of posting a few notes about it.

The day was composed of 5 theoretical sessions and 5 practical sessions.

Riding a motorbike (on the track like on the road) is all about keeping the motorbike stable. During the first theoretical session the principal factors were considered. The inputs a rider gives to the bike are using the throttle, handle bars, brakes and gears. These inputs are used to change the speed and direction of the bike. Beside the rider inputs suspensions settings are important as well in improving the stability of the bike; their optimal working range is within the middle third of their extension.

There are five main factors a biker should consider when entering a corner: speed, line, lean, grip and surface. The entry speed is critical and improving the sense of speed is very important to get the corner right. When in doubt it is better to be on the throttle than on the brakes that’s because breaking reduces the stability of the bike.

A biker should close the throttle on the approach of the corner, countersteering in order to change the direction and lean of the bike, when the bike has turned and the biker is happy with the lean and the line, he should accelerate smoothly, constantly and continuously throughout the corner. Within a curve the rider should aim to balance the bike so that about 40% of the weight is on the front wheel and 60% on the rear.

The following theoretical sessions were about describing and commenting the practical sessions.

The first practical session was about riding using one single gear (4th) without breaking; that was about improving the sense of speed and throttle control.

The second session was about turning points using two gears (3rd and 4th) again without using the brakes; they put some crosses on the track with some (non slippery) tape to indicate the turning point they wanted you to turn the bike which they left for the entire day.

The third session was about quick turning by consciously countersteering, you were allowed to use two gears (3rd and 4th) with light breaking; quick turning is very important to ride more safely and to improve your line.

The forth session was about rider inputs and body relaxation which are important to keep the bike stable and to get the bike to cooperate with you.

The fifth session was about choosing apex within a corner and improving the visual skills of the rider in preparation of Level 2.

The day was enjoyable, the people nice and friendly. The day helped in clarifying, putting together and practicing that knowledge a biker should have to improve his driving skills.

I thought of posting a link to these notes in the Trackday FAQ thread as well.

Ouch! Sorry to hear about that, I hope you are fine and the bike fully repairable/ed. How/where did it happen?

Sorry I did not PM you but I’ve been quite busy over last few months and completely forgot you were thinking of coming as well as I did not checked this thread for some time.

I’m doing L1 at Silverstone in August, Drei. I dunno if there’s still space but ya welcome to come along if ya like. I think it’s £319, no idea about the difference between the two tracks tho.

Also doing L2 at Megara in Sept., but not riding over there so possibly not as appealing to ya.