california super bike school

Doing it at the end of april, just seeing if anyone else is going? I would like to get into doing track days and hope this will give me some time on a track and some extra confidence.

I do not want to crash my blade on the track so thought this is a good way to get some experience and imporve my skills for the road also.

Is anyone else going??

Also are there any track days for people who haven’t done it before, or any tracks which are better for newcomers?

Thanks in advance

im sure most track days are split into groups so you wont be dumped in the deep end…im up for my first track day soon and im quite a confident rider but the thought of binning will ruduce my cornering speeds (for the first 20 minutes)plus ive never worn leathers so its KD time:D

I can definately recommend getting on a track day. I did my first after 2 months of passing my test and it’s helped massively with my road riding. There are novice only trackdays (I know club msv do this) but trackdays are generally split into novice, inters and fast. You’ll find other riders in the novice group who have never done a trackday before. I was very worried before I went on my first but soon met a couple of other riders who’d never rode on track and felt the same. Give it a 2-3 sessions and the worry is over and now I really enjoy them. Did cadwell last month and off again on Sunday to mallory park.
One downside is your wallet…there very addictive!

Deffo get on a track day it’s not as scary as it seems:D

As Vala says there are 3 groups, just get on the Novice group and ride at your own pace.

Trackdays will deffo boast your confidence riding :smiley:

Rockingham was my 1st trackday and easy to learn, lots of run offs and a forgiving circuit:)

CSBS is on my list after DAS and IAM :smiley:

cheers guys, i love my bike and want to learn to ride properly, but i dont want to bin my pride and joy!!

I will do CSS, but i will start booking in track days after. Anyone fancy being my “Shapperone” for the day?? I make a good cup of tea!! What else do i need for a trackday??

I would rather get into running on the track than getting killed on the road TBH. Track days are expensive but not as expensive as coming off and hitting a lap post!!:wink:

When i first started trackdays i was also worried of binning the bike, but if you ride at your own pace you be fine, the only thing you wanna be worried abt is getting taken out by another rider. My friend caught this on his bike cam.

TBH you be fine, when you want to do your 1st track day just post it up, a lot of us will deffo join you:)

Crash it, bend it, mend it :smiley:

I am doing L2 at Brands on 10th May with my old girl Bella. J is going to be doing L1.

and in 3 weeks we are off to almeria to do 4 days on track. great fun and the guys and girls at the track are just lovely.

Track days are fab and completely addictive!!

California Superbike School is not a track day, it’s a school that teaches you about cornering on a racetrack. When I did level 1 last year, I had to keep telling myself not to race people and work on the techniques we were being taught in the classroom. I found it really helpful to slow it all down and work on cornering a piece at a time instead of goin g as fast as I could, lol.

I did CSS level 1 last May and it really helped my riding and confidence…for about 6 weeks until a car did a u-turn on me writing off my RR. :angry:
Paid up to do Ron Haslem race school this year…bonus is that you use their bikes.
I would definitely recommend it although it is a pretty expensive way of learning 5 things! lol

CSS is amazing.

I did level 1 last year and I loved every minute of it. I am going to do L2 this year but i have not confirmed dates yet.

I did it on the Stowe circuit at Silverstone which is a very easy little circuit to get used to it and build confidence. I did it on my 09 CBR600RR which was the perfect little tool for the job - i did worry about binning it but the whole point of the day is that it teaches you how to AVOID binning it. They do have R6’s you can hire but even if you trash those i think the deposit is about £2k… I recommend doing it on your bike as then you can take those skills home with you and understand the limits of your machine and just how much grip and lean you can eek out of it.

After the CSS day, i booked a full track day at Silverstone with Focused events. I must say this was a great deal more scary than CSS, even in the beginners group as you tend to get some really good riders in there that just want to feel better about themselves by overtaking everyone!

Also, Silverstone seemed a very fast track with quite a few scary braking zones so not sure it was the best for a first run. I did Brands Hatch Indy circuit a couple of weeks ago on a brand new Blade and instantly felt much better there. Because its smaller, you get more laps in, which means more time to practice each corner. Also i found my tyres warmed up quicker which makes a massive difference.

I feel much more confident on my new bike now and have a far greater understanding of its capabilities and how it looks after me!

AND Brands is only down the road. Its a pain in the arse if you’ve had a full day on the bike then having to ride another 200 miles home.

I had a helmet cam and i’ll post the link on here soon…

As for kit, some days now only accept FULL wrap around zipped 2 piece leathers or 1 piece (as someone unluckily found out at Brands the other day… :frowning: ), and NOT the little zip ones that just hold your pants up.
Tyre pressure gauge - you dont always have enough time to sweet talk the tyre guys into lowering these for you so its a good idea to bring one with you.
Everything else is pretty obvious. Helmet… Bike… er…

Yes, there is always a risk you will bin your bike and maybe hurt yourself if your unlucky, but thats part of the thrill of it?? If you drop it - bung it in a van and dump it in a bush 5 miles away! :wink:

Good luck man,