calendar confusion

I think you should remove the google calendar on the /events page. All this time I thought that it was the main site calendar, and since its pretty much empty, i thought it worthless.
But yesterday i realised that the calendar actually being used is the “forum calendar”.

The logical navigation of new users to the site will be to go to the ‘Events’ tab, only to see an empty calendar. I think this is very confusing… you should remove the empty google calendar on that page.

We wanted to do a lot more with events and calendars, but it due to people-power, this hasn’t been possible. I’m actually due to review this; the forum calendar is buggy and doesn’t show repeat items on the forum index, so I’m thinking of removing it completely and putting the focus back on the Google calendar, as people can add this to their Google homepages and the like.

I need someone to take over administration of the calendar though, i.e. put in dates of motorcycle events.

Thanks for the feedback…