Cal Crutchlow's grid girl..

OMG…yes please…

I remember her… Turns out I’ve already shagged her loads :smiley:

In your head when you’re spanking the monkey perhaps…

Doesnt count! :w00t:

Oh yeah… I must have made that up in my head.

She is well tasty. Brolly girls are why motorbike racing will always be better than car racing…

Yeah, car drivers get their Mum, or worse, BROLLY BLOKES!

Bikes rool

Wearing waaay to much Bostik makeup. Not my type I’m afraid.

How is he supposed the think about the first corner when he’s got those distractions :smiley:

i knew this old fella once, rode a yellow duacti, who would have sworn blind Cal was more your type waxy.

A broken and dislocated ankle would have been a bigger distraction for me lol :smiley:

i would poke her.

She reminds me of Devon Aoki :smiley:

Prawny…he was just projecting his own persuasions onto others…

tell me about it, i heard he was dead and they uploaded an auto-response tool to the sparky site. :slight_smile:

you in touch with any of the others?

oh, nice jubblys by the way. her not you.

Mmmmmm now we need the combined efforts of LB stalkers (Smiled :slight_smile: ) to find out her name

See he’s upgraded Lucy then. Gotta love nice (albeit fake) tits.

That photo makes it look like her head is photoshopped onto the rest of her body


well you can’t say they accidentlly swapped heads with Cal :slight_smile:

I prefer Cal to the Grid Girl - although objectively I can see her attractions :smiley:

I am hoping that motorbike racing starts getting some tasty Brolly Boys as well, as they are sorely lacking in the sport. Daniel Craig!! Where are you???