Cagers on phones and errant pedestrians.

OK enough is enough.

Cyclists crossing red lights, chase them down and challenge them.

Pedestrians, let them cross under all circumstances.

Blokes driving on phones, Essex girls driving on phones, summon support on yer phone, or tap on their window if they are at a standstill.

The police number is easy to remember, it`s 999.

Do I gather we have been a tad upset by something recently?

Yea, I`ve a pimple on my thigh.:slight_smile:

This has started to irritate me as well… particularly when they think they can ‘race’ me when I clearly have no intention of going past 6-7K rpm resulting in them crossing two lanes and coming very close to my boot! :crazy:

Pedestrian sauntering around in the road? = good stoppie practice.

Found out today that a good stoppie can be induced by a pedestrian crossing the road diagonally facing away from you. First apply heavy braking front and rear (sound horn) and then (as pedestrian doesn’t look but jumps the wrong way and ends up right exactly in your path) release the rear to avoid lock up and double the pressure on the front…beautiful stoppie and no-one hurt. :slight_smile:

No, you havn`t got the Idea.

This is war.

Feck the Geneva convention.

Let lose the dogs of war.

you mean? I don’t get it…

If I was to challenge every cyclist that jumped the red lights on my short 5 mile journey, it would probably take me over 3 hours to get home

Nina or Chris? :smiley:


The other option with this one is knowing you have the stopping under control, lock the back wheel to induce a nice bit of tyre squeal and scream as loud as you can…sh!t 'em selves everytime :Whistling:

Passed one driver on the victoria Embankment this morning who had a newspaper on his lap and was texting at the same time. Who says men can’t multi-task?

What about bikers who text? I saw a chap coming down a hill that’s riddled with potholes, with very poor visibility, doing just that. What a pillock.

Almost had a pedestrian this morning. After ignoring the green man, then no man, he decided to cross on the red - what the hell, why not. Then, completely missed the white Ducati, complete with termis launching off the lights 20 yards away.

My fault - a black guy, wearing black, in the shadow of a railway bridge. Clearly visible to all… compared to a fuggin’ black-ops ninja sniper.

This drivers with phones text-ing or reading rages me :angry:

did someone say DOGS :angry:

I couldn’t give a toss about cyclists jumping reds as long as they do it safely and with consideration for others. Means they’re not in my way when the lights change. Result!