Cager SNAP!

So here’s the idea. Using my MD80 mini DVR to record my commute I not only get to experience all the appalling cager manouevres first-hand, I also get to watch them back again afterwards in the comfort of my own home. Since I come across some fairly errr ‘interesting’ driving every day I wondered if it was always different vehicles or sometimes perhaps the same ones being driven consistently badly?

From the vids it’s easy enough to see the reg plates so I started a running list yesterday to see if I can get a ‘SNAP!’. Then I thought maybe other LB’ers can help? Has anyone seen any of these vehicles misbehaving…or want to add their own…just for fun BTW…

I have four categories so far: Filter-Blockers (they block your filtering), Headlong-Chargers (they charge straight at you), Puller-outers (they pull out without indicating) and Weed-smokers (they smoke pot while driving)


LX56 RUJ Black VW Toureg
GN02 CTF Silver Suzuki Grand Vitara
SGH52 UTF Silver Merc Minicab


PX58 YUE Dark Green Merc Coupe- roadhog


R361 DCX Red Pug Estate- school run mum no looking no indicating


RJ03 GPX Black BMW- driving very slowly with the window open

i think you should edit your post before being banned

erm why? have I missed something?


Amazingly, they’re all insured, the puller outer is an astra though…

Come on Andyp69, you can’t leave me hanging like that. Struggling to see what is wrong with the post. As I said I have it all recorded on video so these things did happen- can be no argument there. Was it the weed-smoking category you were worried about?