Cage jealousy?

Saw the most disgusting thing on my walk to the office, reminded me of why I don’t ride my bike to work as I would’ve had several offs if this kind of behaviour is normal.

Biker filtering through a small line of traffic by South Wimbledon station, the traffic was stationary the biker had plenty of room and was riding at a low speed. Goat fcuker in a 4x4 sees him (I was standing right by his window waiting to cross the road) and DELIBERATELY pulls forward in his direction in order to block his path. Now if the biker hadn’t been on the ball he would’ve crashed into him and I can’t see no other reason as to way the car driver would’ve felt the need to move. The traffic ahead wasn’t going anywhere. The biker stopped, pulled back into another gap and rode on without a second look which makes me think this happens a lot but this is the first time I’ve seen something like this happen right in front of me.

Why do car drivers do this? Are they jealous at how bikers can cut through the traffic?!

I think some do it for sport. The biker you describe above was probably doing traffic tetris in his head so as one gap closed another opened. I’ve not experienced this myself other than a white van on the eleveated section of the M4 which would not move over to give me room to filter past. Soon as a gap eventually opened I left him.

tbh I find these sort of incidents are VERY rare.

Drivers do lots of other stupid stuff, but deliberately trying to impede a bike? Not often.

I would have let the 4x4 driver know what I thought of them though…****

Yeah, it’s far more common that they will see you and move over to give you more space.

Car drivers do it on a daily basis. The last one that closed the gap had his front bumper ripped off by my rear foot peg.

sum ppl jus ignrnt mofo’s dat ned beatch slappin :smiley:

Its got nothing to do with “cage jealousy”, the majority of drivers have never ridden a motorbike so have no idea what to be jealous of. I put it down to being selfish and that “MUST GET IN FRONT” attitude which is actually present in every road user, especially bikers.

I come across more stupid scooter riders on my daily commute than cars, just this morning whilst waiting at the lights, I had a near miss with a scooter rider who decided to squeeze between me and a Merc as the lights changed to amber, he clipped the Mercs side mirror and rode away, speeding between a lorry and a van - I see that behaviour from scooter riders and motorbike riders on daily basis so its no use pretending its just cagers out there who are pricks.

People. What a bunch of bastards :smiley:

I had this recently on the A3. I was filtering and needed then to move into the left lane in order to prepare for a left turn off. I was looking for gaps and saw a pretty decent one, so indicated and prepared to move. However, a car driver saw me and deliberately speeded up to block my path. He obviously had a problem as when I had to slow to move into another gap behind him and then crossed over to the bus lane, he seemed outraged when I passed him in the bus lane and shifted his vehicle over to the left to try and block me again!

I have found as a lady biker and a car driver as well that some male drivers (not all, obviously fellas and of course no LB guys lol:P) seem unable to cope with a woman getting in front of them on the road - it seems to present some kind of challenge to race!


commuting into london daily is like russian roulette for me

Haters gonna hate, so I stuck these on the back of my lids!

In perfect view of the angry cager!

I don’t view this as a car driver issue; it is a people issue. It is more akin to children who when given one toy followed by more toys will try to hold onto them all.

As adults we hope to grow out of hoarding, but a few adults never leave this childhood state and will do things like block paths because they view it extensively as another possession (they don’t need) but must prevent others getting.

The old playstation game ‘Road Rash’ springs to mind!

Time to start punching off wing mirrors in retaliation :crazy:

in my view most that do it have the hump as they are sitting in heavy traffic going no where?

actually ended up with my head clean through a car drivers side window due to the indvidual trying to pull into the other lane without looking or indicating, needless to say the person got a verbal from me while my head was inside the car!!:smiley:

Well I think with that on the back of your helmet not only haters are gonna hate :slight_smile: I mean I don’t have a problem with bikers passing by when I’m in traffic jam in a car but you don’t have to be smug about it that would make even me angry :stuck_out_tongue:

Whilst there are the dicks out there that will do it on purpose, I think the vast majority are oblivious to bikes filtering past and sometimes all they want to do is get a different look at the traffic in front, so they pull to the side to get a better view.

The amount of times I’ve seen on a two way road - opposite road blocked with traffic, in our lane Bus stops (no layby) yet always the cars behind the bus position themselves to the right of the bus to see ahead of it oblivious that even if they can see past it, they can’t get around it as there’s no space because the other lane is blocked…

This sort of shite happens all the time.

Maybe some scooterist had taken off his mirror and he wanted to get some payback… it makes no sense, but honestly its how cagers think…

This is why I think people who kick off mirrors and ride like wnakers are just as bad…All they do it store up trouble for the next biker that cage trapped tawt passes…

Seriously folks… not making excuses for the cagers at all, but don’t antagonise them… you wouldn’t poke a caged gorilla in the arse with a stick when he can reach you and FCUK you up… so don’t antagonise idiots driving two tonne lumps of metal… cos they end up doin stupid **** like this.

This dude looked in his mirror, SAW the biker and moved into his path. I saw it with my own eyes, it was def. deliberate.

Had the exact same thing done to me yest…lady was watching me in her mirror and closed the gap in front. When I did eventually wiggle past she was driving along with her bumper overlapping my back wheel! Agree with toby-1-kenobi though, better just to leave it!