Cage Experiences

Perhaps entirely the wrong forum to ask this but am looking at getting my mrs a driving experience for Xmas. She does a lot of humping around in the car for work and thought it’d be nice if she got to drive shiny fast cars.

Anyone got any to recommend?

That obviously means something entirely different where I come from !!

£99 for a Silverstone experience. You can choose an Aston Martin or a Lamborghini or maybe even a rally car.

Exactly what I was thinking too!

When you said “Cage Experiences”, I started calling my mate up for the name of a fetish club in Soho…



Fly her to Munich and hire a 911 at the airport, then take her to the Hamburg fish market for breakfast. :smiley:

i had one bought for me from, got a few laps in a DB9 and also in a Suburu impreza i think it cost something like £99