Cafe Racer

My gf says I am always saying ‘I want…’ but surely it’s ok on this occasion

It’s Ogri’s bike:w00t:


Ogri is a legend:) He was always in the back of Bike Magazine, I’m not sure if he still is. I gave up reading it since it was taken over by Andrex;)

It’s a ringer for his bike:cool:

ref penultimate page of Bike magazine…



Heres a better pic of his scoot

you blasphemer! Ogri had a Norvin, no american sh1te.

there is something in the news section on the ace bike, bit too much american chopper crap about it for me, spokes etc.

Oh, that Ogrin, durrrhhhh!!!

That is the uber bike! That is the most motorcycle motorcycle I’ve seen for ages!

That is deffo Ogri’s bike - if you saw it parked up you’d be expecting him to come walking round the corner! :smiley:

No it aint and no you wont. :smiley:

this is a Ogri bike.


Fair enough Chop! The Norvin is the ORIGINAL cafe racer and is what Ogri would have ridden - if he existed - which he doesn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

…and I was just beginning to think he was real

I know it was a NorVin but what I meant was, it’s the closest thing you will get to Ogri’s bike off the shelf.:wink:

how dar you! Ogri does too exist, you better not tell me father christmas does not too!

You missed Father Christmas on Saturday night John, we all saw him but Ogri must have been at a lesser bikers bash;):smiley:

Aha, good to know he’s still out there then.

That’l p*ss the triton owners off :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s this about Father Christmas not existing, next you’ll be telling me Honda have pulled out of motorbike racing.

That’ll p*ss the Tribsa owners off;):smiley: