Cafe racer. (tv programme)

Watched it for the first time tonight, it’s on discovery turbo or discovery shed. Nice change from pimp this or pimp that :slight_smile:

Is that the one with Billy Joel in it ? If it is I have seen that ,it was good .

was good 1 tonight but it has been on the last week and i have been dissapointed with it, the yanks think anything adapted or built is a cafe racewr and they interview some total pr*ck who thinks he is funny and wot bikes he has got etc, getting a bit boring.

its like doing a harley programme and it is based in England more than USA, oh and you can only bring Joel out a certain amount of times till he gets boring too, lol

I’m gonna have to agree, the whole over American typical-ness is a bit naff now. I do like the frame crafters father and son.