Cafe racer style type fighter

Not looking too bad, I cant take credit for this, Lee did most/all of the work and its come out nice, did it on the cheap so nothing too fancy just a good tidy-up of fairing, subframe fabrication, R6 seat unit, chopped the can own quite a bit, new single headlight and bracket fabrication - thanks about it.

you forgot to spray a few things black :w00t:

looks good tho!

I think the 50/50 wheels are down to personal choice. It looks better in the flesh.

i ment the can, rearsets, forks and headlight :wink:

Oh yeah, well you got to break it up a little, besides its what the client was after.

looks cool, dude! :slight_smile: x

fair do’s, i think all black with lil hints of green would look mean!

Were doing a leather seat pad, with a green frankenstiein stitch. That might be all it needs, still the owner is happy.

Not bad but i feel the rear is too skinny cos the tank looks fat.

Aaaah, another Doglondon bike…nice. Hope to meet up with some of you guys sometime soon.

Are you doing the seat, or subbing it out to a trimmer. I want a pad done by a high quality trimmer.

John: yeah, see your point, I would have gone for a proper cafe style rear. The bloke see mine and wanted it. But it aint to bad from other angles.

Stig: we’re doing the seat but we just use ABS cut to size and staple it to fit then trim the excess off, not real experts but it does the job for what we need. We taylor all the leather cut it to fit and stitch it using a proper leather sewing machine and thread.

Ah right, coolio. Read an article about making a grp base mould and building up with semi hard foam before covering…just the covering part i can’t do. I want some pipeing (sure that’s spelt wrong?) on the seat and can’t sew for toffee.:hehe:

I really liked the Fazer, my mate at work first saw it at Brighton and was trying to describe it to me before i saw it in Streetfighters.

What sticks in my mind is the orange exhaust exit rim…nice touch.:cool: