Cadwell trackday pics

To all those who were there Thanks for a great weekend! Special thanks to Tiggy for all the driving :smiley:

Curtis - you are crowned wheely deamon! pics to follow :smiley: :slight_smile: Martin Looking good mate :slight_smile: Tiggy get that mud washed off :stuck_out_tongue: Max - Your day will come :wink: Mark - I wanna see that video :D;) And James your not on LB but jeazzzze what a bummer all will work out next time :smiley:








Videos in here :smiley: (cut loadsssssssssss of hanging about out of it)

Your photos look good :slight_smile:

haha he’s gonna kill us :smiley:

Awesome weekend, didn’t get out for too many sessions but I still got on Cadwell and came off lol :w00t:

Wheely king, I don’t know what you mean :Whistling: and you lot are a bunch of pussy’s for not riding in the wet!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool pictures!!:slight_smile: I’m sooooooooooooo jealous!!:hehe:

you all look so good!! glad you had a wicked weekend. Isnt cadwell the best track!!


@ Ryan & Dawn - were they hire bikes or do you both have track bikes?
Lookin’ good either way! :wink:

Just a pity about Mark’s off :frowning:

I have track bike and Ryan’s is his road bike tracked up :slight_smile: You can hire track bike though if you don’t fancy binning you road bike, but they have a hefty excess usually!!

Just a couple…




Hey Ryan look at this…look closely it’s… ‘Elvis Does Cadwell’ :smiley: Watch your arms :laugh:

lol looks like your having a fit

he was shaking with fear :stuck_out_tongue:

haha not far from the truth! James was stood to the left and I was messin around protending to bite my nails and shake with fear :smiley: you had to be there :stuck_out_tongue:

Lies… multiple sclerosis… :smiley:

Yeah tell the truth Ryan, you were crapping yourself :w00t: lol :stuck_out_tongue:

wheelie school doesn’t half help at the mountain eh? :wink:

nice pics guys n girls!

looks like you all had fun bar a few dramas:D

curtis…looking good man!! nice pics…bottom pic…looks like ya got ya war face on!! :angry::smiley:

Looking good guys and gals!! Can’t wait to get back on the track :w00t:

not half!!! next time i want both wheels off & ratty as for war face i was having some fun towards the end of saturday hunting down alot of the novices :smiley: :cool: