cadwell park

me & sipermoto was talking of doing cadwell park the plan was to get a van to take the bikes, find b&b near by there (seperate rooms;) )

Friday 31st October 2008 - Cadwell Park (Woodland)Cadwell Park - Supermoto Novice SessionBike£49.00 BOOK NOWCadwell Park - Supermoto Intermediate SessionBike£49.00 BOOK NOWCadwell Park - Supermoto Advanced SessionBike£49.00 BOOK NOW

Oh, sounds good.
Has anybody done it before? Is the instruction good?

If I can get myself a set of full leathers by then, I may well be up for it.

its the small woodland track on the supermoto event:cool:

I’ve got a Ford Transit van that’ll hold 3 possibly 4 SM’s if anyone wants to go up from East London.

D - I hoping to maybe take a day or morning off work to sort the Berg out. Just waiting for payday!! :w00t:

That looks alright for a first time track dayer :wink:

If anybody is going that day and has some spare space in the van, I’m up for it.

Does it have to be on a supermoto day?

Looks like the straights arent really long enough to loose out to many a sports bike…

Wouldn’t mind trying the ‘proper’ thing actually!


it dont have to be a sm day but the smaller track will be more fun plus more time to learn to back it in around the bends;) think we’ll still need another van for parts

hi there moght well be up for a sm track day at cadwellhave done the full cadwell track before and you have to have a fast sm to beat the sportsbikes or big balls!!:slight_smile:

Right, spoke to the peeps at Cadwell Park, and although its not till Oct 31st thats the day we are booking up, reason being we will be on the smaller Woodland Course which is for S/Moto,s, smaller,twisty but still crosses over with the imfamous Mountain Section…The Cadwell people said the full course is not very sympathetic to Moto,s with the Lonngg straights…Cost is only £49 for the day:D…So if anyone is interested please read the link at the start of this thread which Mad dog posted with the Cadwell details,and we can get some numbers going.Im a novice so im already looking forward to it (im off to the garage for my old stabilisers):D:D

I am certainly up for it if I there is space in the van for my bike.
I’m a novice too, never done a trackday, not been riding that long, so I’ll be booking an instructor as well.


Seems rude not to!!

I’m there!


i’ll be booking up soon :slight_smile:

so who is up for this? i will be booking up in the next few days, novices

I’m up for it if the bike can get a lift out there.


You really going into novices? I think you’ll be bullying people in that group? :w00t:

You’ve got two trackdays under your belt, a number of breakfast and I’ve been out for a quick spin with you - surely you could go inters… :cool:

By the time October comes I think we might at least be ‘kinda’ backing it in!

If you up for an evening blast next week after I do Rockingham then that’ll be good!


inters is fine by me but sipermoto needs me to hold his hand & keep an eye out so ppl dont bully him on track;):smiley:

Yeah right d ! Big fish in little pond comes to mind LOL :smiley:

Get in the inters where you belong .:smiley:

i’ve just booked me & sipermoto into novices :cool:

so who’s up for it?

there is spaces at the mo but dont leave it too long people:)

Blew my engine at Rockingham yesterday, :frowning:

got a replacement engine though so hopefully I’ll still make this!


what happened? is it beyond repair

hope its sorted soon m8