Cadwell Park video

The day before we raced at Cadwell Park I did the ACU test day and put my video camera on the Hornet

Here is the result, by all means let me know what you think


I think I’d like to see another lap…

I like

Mate, that’s bloody brilliant stuff!! God, I’d forgotten how much I love that track, it’s incredible! Mmmmm, must go…

Nice! i could hear you cursing when the bunch of bigger bikes got in your way over the Mountain.

Yup, they sure did

I timed that lap and its a 1min 48 ish and the best I did that weekend was a 1min 43, so just imagine it 5 seconds quicker!

Cadwell is my favourite track and we’ll be back there in 4 weeks time to conclude the New Era SuperClub Championship

Can’t wait

i like your style

Top video it look like so much fun I can’t wait for my first trackday.

Will have to fit one in very late this year


i was thinking the same about the other bikes geting in your way but thats the way it is on track days.

silverstone for me tomorrow