Cadwell Park on Friday 16th Aug

Myself and 3 MK mates are doing Cadwell on Friday 16th August, can’t wait should be good!

Well started off wet, was drizzling…so missed the first two sessions, third session - dry line was apearing…then it got sunny and was dry.

First time at Cadwell, it is f***king awsome! Really enjoyed it, was a lot more “assertive” but still need to work on it a bit more. Vids in the vids section.

Vid from first session after lunch, first lap is sighting lap.

Hi mate, not related but can you tell me which way the Bedford circuit goes round? :smiley:

not the normal way…anti clockwise


Hmmm … Track day calling… !!

I am going to do bedford on Monday 16th Sept :slight_smile:

You rate it then buddy? I have to say, it looks kinda… Erm… Featureless