Cadwell park 12/11

Here is my pic at Cadwell last week hope you guys like if you wanna see more go to my page at and have a look around cheers…


Hahaha, nice one Rhalf!!! Man, you have some balls Was it cold? You like you were doing okay! Good to see you posting. What’s this new track bike?!

Yes mate I 've been racing this one for about 8 months now and next year will be racing with suzuki crescent at the ACU motostar championchip things are looking good now mate !!!

Awesome mate

Dont you go faster with your wheels on the ground though


when you land is do you brake to get through the complex to the hair pin? Ive not got the balls to really go for it over the mountain

Top pics mate

This is a second gear jump you may need to use the brakes a little but for me as soon as I land full trhottle again till it got to the rev limiter to get quick trought the mountain awsome track really enjoy it can’t wait to race there next year and I only found the bike was of the ground whem i saw these pics could go a little faster maybe next time will get a higher one hehehehe!!!

Check my page for loads mores pics from Cadwell, Silverstone and much more…