Cadwell 7th & 8th March

Glad to hear your feeling better Mark, got worried when I lost my drinking buddy for day two of bench warming… Hope you and the bike get better soon

yea tiggi crashed at barn, jus a lil lowside no real damage done think her bike leaked a bit of oil onto the back wheel along with cold tyres, was a great day and mark ang, u missed out on sun…chris walker, micheal rutter and rob mac race team were there on sunday putting the new r1 through its paces on track, man that bike sounds and looks awesome :cool:

Glad to hear you’re ok Mark. :slight_smile:

As Curtis said, I did indeed crash exactly as he explained, not as amazing as Mark’s though, just a little lowside! :slight_smile:

Damn! :w00t:

Mark it looks like you’ll be needing some endurance style fairings :slight_smile:

Site is in Japanese but they speak English (email).

Ordered some from somewhere :ermm: today which should be with us by the weekend.