Cadwell 7th & 8th March

What happened?

Mark took another trip to ‘Highside Heaven’ :laugh: The generator had tripped and wasn’t warming the tyres even though the lights on the warmers were showing charge. It was once he took them off he realised they were cold :crazy: slicks and cold not very good lol. Then they got to the line and someone in the previous group had their wallet empty its contents around the track, so they were held there for at least 10-15 mins whilst the marshal’s picked up the money etc. Mark was behind Ryan so he could video him for the session but a couple of corners in, and not at any speed, the bike just threw him off - great video footage to come :laugh: :laugh:

He has hurt his elbow that he chipped in another Clearways Highside, and just aches a bit. The Medic told me he needs new leathers and a new bike, funny that lol. He told me ‘I HAVE to get a new one now so mine can go on the track’ cheeky bleeder!

Ouch :pinch:

Sorry to hear this…Glad Mark isn’t too beaten up though.

Want an estimate? ;):stuck_out_tongue:

We certainly do, time is the problem though… Brands evening booked for 31st March lol

His requirements are: Fairings, seat unit - New to be sprayed. Repair and spray tank. :wink:

He said he can’t leave it in that condition as people might think it’s Terry Motos bike :smiley:

Might just be cheaper to by a new pan… Not going to track with that…

Fred Tiggi told him to get one last night,… and he WILL track it! He’s not right in the head LOL :smiley:

Any picture that doesn’t look like you guys went all that way up there to ride on a motorway?:wink:
I already checked your flickr account and could find any good one…

Nope cos I took pics from the pits in the first session then I went into Louth shopping with my sister :smiley: Came back to take more on the mountain after lunch but Mark came a cropper a few yards into the session. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Mark :laugh:

ho boy ho boy… Even with the elmet on you can see his is not happy… even if you did see him bin it…

'kin hell, wounder mark!

not a fan of the hairpin myself, naturally it was also the tyres in my case also and not my cack-handedness…:wink:

Looks like you guys had a great time. Hope your pain goes quickly mate :ermm:

Looks like he got your bike for the track after all… sure he did’t plan that one!!! :hehe::wink:

ouch!! glad he’s ok tho:)

quality of the vid is great, good sound too.

worst bit is… in the paddock he’d just told me to take it steady cos his generator had packed in and his tires were cold :w00t: wups :w00t:

Nothin you could do mate we wernt goin fast so you imagine what would have happened at the end of coppice :w00t:

look forward to my next video :smiley:

Holy cow, that has to be the quickest ever crash I’ve seen! Really unfortunate Mark :frowning:

No high-side though, looks like the back just locked up under braking? Or did the front go? Scary how little grip there was.

Don’t bother fixing the bike just yet, might be tempting fate!

Ouch! :w00t:

That’s a real bummer Mark. Hope the bruises heal soon.

I was looking forward to seeing LBers getting some mountain air :wink:

Thanks to Curtis & Dawn for organising the weekend, nearly recovered after spending all day yesterday in bed :smiley: Bike rebuild starts today or shall I just pinch Ang’s? :hehe: new leathers and helmet on the list… how convenient :w00t:

Lovely B&B will definitely use this place again, need to get back to Cadwell to fight the demons.

Jay, definitely a highside I remember looking down at the bike from a height. Right hand corner low side would have damaged the right side, the bike slid out, bit again then spat me flying over the other side damaging all the left hand side of the bike. Unfortunately I never do just have low slides, I wish I did!



I had my hands over my face watching that clip – my worst nightmare binning my baby!

Gutted for you.

The lengths some people go to for new kit and bike :rolleyes:

Only kidding, hope you’re not too sore Mark.

Did Tiggi crash too?