Cadwell 7th & 8th March

Anyone going from here :wink: :smiley:

Who’s going up Friday night and staying in B&Bs for the weekend?


wish my bike were ready!!! :angry:

Me :slight_smile:

MeMeMeMeMeMeMe :smiley:

MeMeMeMeMeMeMe :smiley:

Bit excited are we Ryan!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going too :smiley:

Me :smiley:

Curtis can you send over details of where we are staying please lol :slight_smile:

Mark said you were camping :w00t:

Stayed here last time I went:

ive attached a pic of where i hope to be staying overnight :smiley:



I’d love to Ang, won’t Mark get jealous or owt?

(Seriously, I wanted to go but I’m in Korea.)

There was him hoping to get on track with his SD and you :wink:

Ryan, good luck matey weather forecast reckons SNOW!!! :smiley:

pm sent ang…snow…now that will be interesting :smiley: :w00t:

Thanks curtis, now have some idea where I’ll be kipping :smiley:

weathers looking better now :smiley:

I’m going up on the bike and have my eyes closely on the weather forecast lol says rain showers sat/sun for LN11, if it’s raining when it’s time to leave Friday I’ll be in my car! :smiley: I have other plans rather than sitting at the track all day-handy having a sister living within a few miles of the circuit :hehe:

im all prepped! re-sprayed the track bike and its looking the bizz! all thats left to do is sling it down the track now :smiley:

cant wait Rain or shine :smiley:

+1 jus gotta get the bike prepped, gonna do it fri morn at tiggi’s whilst she comes get u james n gets the vans etc etc…Bring on the mountain :w00t:

Everyones just had riders brief now panicing to get out in their group, more updates later if I can get reception.

Great weekend though ours was cut short :smiley: a new fighter project in the pipeline lol, beautiful B&B just what I need to build in Wales :smiley:

Here’s a couple of pics, there’s more on my flickr site.