cadwell 29th sept with No Limits - £85

jonesy and I are booked in for this one - any takers?

anyone have any recommendations for a cheap hotel near the track?


Have stayed here a few times:

£40 a night inc breakfast, up a long driveway away from the road with a private almost hidden parking area, clean and tidy.

star, cheers steve

is that the place you stayed when we did the wheelie school?

Last time I rode there was Easter weekend 2000, on a 250.

But I’m going back on Thursday for the KTM trackday! Can’t wait.

I’d love to join you Johny, but the bike will be on it’s way to Jerez then.

you and your fancy warm dry track days pete :wink:

got any other UK days lined up this year?

No, I’ve just come back from 7 weeks working in Korea, I’ve done 4 UK days this year, 5 with Cadders on Thursday.

I think I’ll try and do one after Jerez, late Oct or early Nov.

Then it’s of to Cartagena for the early December “end of year” bash.

No, that was in some small village somewhere, can’t remember where that was.

when is this pete and who are you going with. i’m up for making a few trips this winter.

Don’t be such a nooftah, let’s get there early Sunday, set up the gazebo, get bikes sorted inside the Gazebo, BBQ, few beers and hit the tent right next to the bikes (i have a spare tent, blow up bed and duvet! :wink:

cos last time i was in a tent was gatecrasher in may/june

the temp dropped to near freezing and it bucketed down from 2am all through the next day. got no sleep whatsoever, and had to pack up in the rain, then dry the tent in my living room when i got home.

we dont live in the south of france fella. camping in the rain sucks fat monkey balls

Jerez 6OCT 3 days

Cartagena early DEC 4 days

Both with FE

Kevin is relaxed in Spain and they run a decent trip

It’s cheap as chips when you consider what’s included.

Try this one, although it’s a couple of years since, am sure it’s this one have stayed at, only a couple of miles away from the track.:slight_smile:

The Black Horse



Tel: 01507 343640

teddington house was the muts nuts m8… this is soooooo tempting. ive said brands gp will be my last trackday of the year.... but now ive got me wets i might do a few more… should I or shouldn`t I

defo book it fella! season is far from over!

i know the season is far from over is just that i`ve gota save a bit of dough for me track bike

foooook it i`l book it on friday. :P:D

ah, i getcha

nice one!

me and a m8 on his zx7r are now booked into inters

wat group you in ben???

You just can’t help yourself can ya.

NOPE:P this is deffinetly the last one honest

its like a drug im addicted. next year il be doing two a month(wishfull thinking):D:cool::Dwhy don`t you come and join the fun m8