Caberg Trip

Had to replace my Nitro F317 flip front as cable that opens it snapped! With no money to hand, the credit card had to be used, annoying as I’ve literally just spent £250 on a new rear shock which should arrive on Wednesday.

So bought a Caberg Flip for a change. First impressions. Well it is lighter, has better peripheral vision and the built in dark visor makes a big difference. Chin bar is a tad closer to my face, but tolerable. It feels lighter, comfortable and I can wear my hearing aid! Never knew what wind noise was like!

It is ACU rated, which the Nitro was not. The cheek foam is softer, so it makes it a comfortable fit. It also has a chin wind deflector thing which is rather effective. All in all, not bad for £100 and being a flip front makes it easy to get on and off.

Just swapped my old BMW flip for a Caberg Justimo II

Ok it’s plastic but I am well pleased.

for £120 ( BMW flips now close to £350 :angry it is ace.

The flip down tinted ‘helicopter helmet’ style half visor is great - no more fiddling with sunglasses on bright days.The flip is easy to get up and down one-handed.

Wind noise? Well I rarely get up to 178mph (!) but up to 80-90-100 there is no problem at all.


I find the same. The built in sun visor is a true bonus and for the money it is seriously good! yes, the wind noise side of things could be fun if I did not have a nice flip screen on the bike. I can’t get to 178mph though (and just as well too!!)

Just remember being as the helmet is plastic its life span is only about 2 years after that the plastic gets brittle and can snap in half if involved in inpact… Just keep your eye on the length of time you have had it…

I have read in mags that there is a problem with helmets detoriating over time. does any one know the evidence to support it? or is a way of selling more helmets?

I sell Caberg helmets all day and we were told by the rep their life span is only about 2 years, as with any plastic it gets brittle and obviously if your head is in the lid at time of impact and the lid is brittle then you dont need to be a genius to work out what will happen. I dont believe its a way to get you to buy more lids as you can get a good Suomy helmet for £150. Only £50. more. The popular thing with the Caberg is the internal visor but I do know there is a new Caberg coming out later this year or very early next year that is fiberglass and will be in the region of £150. so its not a silly priced helmet even then.