Caberg 505 helmet?

anyone have this? what do you think?

I especially like the internal sun visor.

crap…buy the Caberg V2 instead, better quality and you wont get visor distortion with the V2. It also has inner sun visor and a fully removable lining…and if you hurry participating dealers are giving a goody bag away with all Cabages

i’ve had my V2 for bout year and a half now - brilliant (the sun visor comes in bloody handy if you forget your shades and the sun comes out)

cool thanks guys, def need an internal sunvisor as the sunglasses don sit well in the helmet and i also dont want to bend them

I haven’t ‘got’ it but I didn’t like the feel at all. Also the visor wasn’t as easy to open… very cheap.
I agree on the sun visor thing though sigh… always changing glasses (which some people have to wear) really annoys me… especially when your glasses are worth a bit.

I wouldn’t buy Caberg though.

why not??

Coz they don’t like the fit (same with Arai Heads or Shoei heads) Its a good lid (The V2) and the split bebetween cheekpads and upper pads is the perfect place for my shades to slide in and out with ease (you have to buy bike glasses by the way they are smaller and designed to fit in your helmet!!)

Because none of them felt quite right on my head

Some people (like me) CAN’T buy the slimmer bike glasses

Tried wearing contact lenses on a bike but always ended up with very dry and red eyes :confused:

aaa i see.

btw i have these ray bans that are slim…but too slim , might bend easily

Go to a bike shop or (the best place) a bike race/show they sell them for £5/10 (or 2 pairs for £15) and to be honest their probably the best shades i’ve ever brought (especially for the bike) - no glare, all shapes and styles, strong and cheap!!!

Nolan do sunvisor lids full face or flip lid.

Get oakleys they don’t bend and are really slim plus they don’t have the bend for the ear the sides are straight.

PS: Lizzy you should try some different lenses, I use daily one’s by Ciba Vision

SB ive seen that lid a couple of times… not sure about the sun visor being on the ouside…isnt it only legal if it is inside the main visor?

Sony actually orders some contacts online and got a pair of sunglasses free

I’m going to be getting a Caberg justissimo in the next month or so. Felt comfy when I tried it, love the front flip and the internal sun visor.

And it doesn’t have a tw@tty fin on the back like my cheap Nitro.

I stock them… They suck, not worth the ton!!

They are plastic which means they only last about a year to two, they are an ok helmet for an emergency but I wouldnt go near one, I have sold them too and I think they are cheap tack. Would rather spend a little bit more and know that my head is safe, I do know that Caberg are bringing out a fiberglass helmet later this year but no confirmed dates yet…

I’m sorry but I think my head is worth more than an injection moulded plastic helmet.

Arai for me all day long

I’m sorry but I think my head is worth more than an injection moulded plastic helmet.

Arai for me all day long

caberg v2 thats what i use. flipping good helmet. the inner visor a changed for an iridium colour.