cabana tonight

anyone going tonight

i’ll be there but on foot!!

Hopefully… If Nuts gets back to me…

what time people gonna be there??

People start turning up about now.

I’ll be there in half an hour.

Wanted to be my first time for the last time (I am in France next week - With the bike if any scum thief was wondering) so I will have to make the new meet on the 1st…) but I have been feeling under the weather all day, left my other half pamper me so now se won’t let me go. I am grounded… :wink:
I will try to pop in Ace on Sunday to participate at the debat about the Bike Thief Ride/Any other lobbing action possible. Have a good evening all.

Sorry, other plans. Bowling followed by an evening of food n booz for free, can’t be bad.

Was a good night, nice and warm, and dry! Good to meet new faces, welcome aboard guys and girls!

Just wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome. It was good to meet people in person

I went!.. as usual

I got stopped on my way home by the fuzz (again). They were complaining about my integrated tail light (built in indicators).

“Did you know this is an illegal modification?”
“Really? Gosh. I had no idea.”

They told me to fix it and then sped off.

And the reason I had the indicators on in the first place? I saw another SV pull in behind me and thought I’d show them off …

they excite me those indicators.

sorry i could not make last night in the end…

I couldn’t make it either due to a stinking cold that just wont go away!!

Will definitely be there next week (as long as the weather isn’t too bad)

know how you feel just the reminance of blocked sinus now and a moderate headache

Virtually sends Flats a packet of Sudafed

I’m soooooooo bored, haven’t left the house today and feel like a caged animal. Might go out for a spin in my cage

you need some tlc babes

Does this mean you will be joining us on more rideouts in east london???

maybe ill get some tomorrow eh??

Nah i prefer my rides to go the other side of the M25 where the roads are bendy and traffic lights arent trendy