Has any one here owned a c 90
At one time I was thinking of getting a ducati
But the more I think about it a C90 looks like the way to go

You have been watching to much you tube!

Can’t see you riding across Asia on a C90!!!

What happens when it rain? Mmmmmm

well if its good enough for peter parker…:laugh:

yes i had a C90

go and buy a ducati :slight_smile:


Do it. Those Ducatis are for city boys with too much cash :wink:

In reality, we all know Hondas riders are far more stylish :smiley:

Though, maybe not on one of those :stuck_out_tongue:

At least a Honda is less likely to break down!

its this that got me thinking about the C90

I had C90 it was my first bike when I was 9yo and it was there for many of my firsts . First wheelie and first jump first time doing over 40mph with me in control . I would not recommend the jumping on a C90 they aint really got the suspension for it and also do not have a pillion on the back when you do it :crazy: . Last year a group of my scottish buds made an epic journey on C90s apart from Ray who to tight to buy a C90 got himself a T80 instead . Also he sent the file upside down and I cant seem to turn one of em round ?

that bit from 6.00 is just so indian.

when i went there I saw just this sort of indian-ness on the roads, so i didnt rent a bike. I also recognise the bit about having to be near a bog at all times.

I want to get one and do something stupid to it… Lots of stupid things to it…

Like fitting a turbocharger and a nox stage jet. Put USD forks on the front with radial Brembos… Nice custom spray job. Oversize tyre on the rear. Bore out the cylinder to add a bit more displacement. Get the cylinder head machined out for more squish. Port and polish. Open exhaust.

Who would like to see it?

Conrad please don’t encourage Pin!

Hate to think what he could come out the garage with. Could well be a new crossbreed duc90!


have a look at this one conrad
the C90 will be the next must have bike

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My mum had a Honda C90 which when i was young i used to take out without her knowing, it was great fun and bomb proove.

My first motorised transport was also a c90. I recall it spent most of its time doubling as a scrambler on Strensall Common. Fantastic bit of engineering.:smiley:

Well a friend rode one to the Isle of Man to spectate at the TT. Took for ever but got there.

She also rode a C70 to Cornwall, on the way the sump plug fell out, she chewed the bread from her sandwich into a pulp and stuck it in the hole. Well it got her there!

My mate bought one off an old man for £15 when we were 10-11 years old… Was great fun :Whistling:

Well Pin finally met his idol today at the BMF Peterborough.

The guy on you tube that has inspired him to get a C90, the smile on his face was a picture that he would not let me take!

he saw the C90 in its flesh.