C- charge emissions based charging

This is the problem - it is labelled as hitting 4x4 but in practice it will hit loads of ordinary cars. As well as the bike we have a 3 series BMW and a Mercedes E class estate. Both have the same sized engine and the Merc is a much bigger car, yet the BMW would be hit and the Merc would not - reason Merc is a new diesel, BMW is an older petrol engine.

The clowns with the bling bling 4x4s will see the charge as some sort of status symbol and will continue to use them. the people who will be hit will be families with older cars.

Add to this the lunacy of letting in smaller cars without charge and congestion and air polution will certainly rise as a result of this change.

If they were really serious about reducing emissions then they’d make traffic flow faster so spending less time waiting, accelerating, stopping, accelerating again. Hardly any cars in London traffic will do more than 15 mpg, even my diesel commuter only does 20 something mpg in heavy traffic, it’s only when traffic flows well that it can do 40+ mpg and therefore produce lower emissions.

I think they’re targeting what they perceive as expensive cars owned by wealthy people for political reasons, nothing to do with saving the planet.

What about emissions from power stations, industry, the councils own vehicles etc ? This is all very quietly swept to one side, like bus emissions, theye are more poluting than almost anything on the roads but they are perceived as being a politically correct solution to an ideological issue that’s being forced up the agenda by people who don’t have the best interests of the country/London at heart.

The traffic flow issue seems to be lost on city hall… or rather they ignore it. If they were serious about cutting pollution they could sort some of the junctions, fix the lights, enforce the red routes etc.

Where as London is littered with poorly coordinated roadworks, vehicles that stop with little warning (where they shouldn’t), duff lights, pot holes, crap road design etc.

Not to mention a total disregard for the rules, yellow does mean stop (yes we’ve all dont it), those lit signs under a traffic light that indicate a direction are and ‘order’… so no you cant stop in the junction and ignore it.

Best solution give ken the order of the boot. The congestion charge works if kept for congestion and cyclists stop at red lights like the rest of us have to.Then motor vehicles including motorbikes will hit them less.:slight_smile:

Agree with you chelsea fan, we may see a decline in 4x4s in London, but more of the ‘cleaner’ 4x4s or estate cars who are just as big and won’t free up any of the congested roads the mayor is supposedly trying to free?This is nothing to do with congestion/emissions and everything to do with making money.up with Porche, up with bikes, down with Ken