bykerbabe 2008 Video Calendar

Can LB have a calendar made up like this? :smiley:

Find the female and male models and we’ll do it :slight_smile: Oh and pay for them as well. Has to be both sexes as we’ve got a great balance of them here!

bit cold for this time of year don’t you think but why don’t you ask the members to do some pics then make a funny one or people posing with there bikes or a borough market one.

that sounds good idea rogue, peeps take funny pics of themselves and bikes post them up people vote on daftest ect see what happens :slight_smile:

well done for finding this fella we deffinetly need 2 do a calender like this i don`t mind helping with the photo -shoot

so i can drool over all the lovely ladies

How about this one for January :smiley:

Sorry Mel :blush:

and this one for febuary

she defffinetly a hotty :wink:

Can i wear a santas costument and do december? Ps. video isnt work safe…my manager luckly wasnt walkign past!

LB did one last year…

Good video, bizzarly i like the tune aswell - how can i download that to my ipod??

I can think of a few other names to go on the LB one!!! :wink: