Bye Bye

No more being nicked by scrotes

No more tearing those bleeding perforations

No more lining up in the Post Office for h-o-u-r-s

No more prising open the holder, loosing the rubber gasket and having water seep over the effing thing making it unreadable over the winter.

You will be redundant by tomorrow!

I shan’t miss you!

But… no more daily reminder when it runs out. Just another piece of officialdom I’m bound to forget when it’s not glued to the side of my bike :wink:

Even tho they will no longer have a cost acssoiated with the printing and disruption of said disc
There is no mention of a reduction in VED so the government is win win again

And you only get full months rebate when you sell your vehicle and new owner has to pay for that month before they can ride/drive it so they get paid twice for that month.

I’ve taken mine off tonight already- I figure it would be a sad f*cker who gives you a ticket 6 hours before the law changes.
If they do that then they can have the money.

Ok so here is my thinking…

A person comes to buy your bike which currently has X, Y, Z tax on it. And he wants to ride it home.

Unless you cancel the road tax the moment he leaves the house, how is anyone going to know? So technically he can ride home perfectly legal as any ANPR that picks him up will show as being taxed.

Similarly, if you need to buy tax and insure on the same day of buying a vehicle this is likely going to be impossible, no? To tax a vehicle it must be insured and often the insurance database takes days to update

Or am I missing something? :ermm:

Alex I think you are right, there will be a delay before the system catches up…


There is still a chance that you are exposed to the bored copper who wants to have a go should you be stopped for something else.

Bought a car 2 years ago and was surprised that the garage would not release it to me until I had bought a physical tax-disc and prooved insurance … this was Car Giant at Sheppard’s Bush …

They said the Police had given them so much grief about letting customers take cars untaxed and uninsured onto the roads that they enforced the rules themselves.

Can’t believe that dealers are LEGALLY bound to enforce tax/insurance requirements???

I’m the one selling, not buying :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d rather the government spend the money on pointless bits of paper? Or were you hoping for more ‘austerity’ as a result of this? It seems a bit weird to criticise the government for making one of its functions cheaper to run…


I now have to share the online service with the techno-literate unwashed masses.

Its already clogged !

Do like the fact that I can check tax and mod status in one place and the insurance in another, online.

Dont like the “tax it before you ride it away after buying it or else you’ll get done”

Ok so you will still be able to tax it at the Post Office, so I guess you could show an insurance certificate there (if the insurer sends it within an appropriate time)

However, again, not sure the post office would accept this and could tax if the insurance database was not updated in time…

It’s all a bit confusing and the DVLA website has crashed.

I remember reading that they would send you a reminder letter before it runs out.

I guess it’s best to sell the bike on the last day of the month so that the government doesn’t get to profit twice :slight_smile:

I’m fairly sure that every time I’ve bought a bike from a dealer (Dobles of Coulsdon, Parkinsons of Colchester and Vines of Guildford) they wouldn’t let me out without seeing insurance for similar reasons. The bike I bought at Dobles had no tax so I had to get there early on the Saturday so I could catch the local post office!

Well spotted a DSA (or whatever the acronym is) car on my way into work to check people have taxed their vehicles! I’ve still got my tax disk on, its out of sight pretty much anyway so doesnt spoil the aesthetics of the bike haha…plus I’m too lazy to remove it…

Epic fail:

UNPRECEDENTED!? Really? Like they didn’t know that it would happen. Every single time when government is involved with IT it just makes you wonder what idiots are managing all these projects and paying millions to external contractors to do the job that would cost them 20 times less if they gave it to someone who knows their trade.

I don’t really understand why there’s such a large number of people trying to use the website today. Surely a large percentage of people already bought it online anyway (I certainly always do) and there shouldn’t be many more people buying it this month compared to last unless everyone ran out and sold their cars on the 30th September.

Good thing I’ll have until next year before I need taxing again, all the bugs should be fixed by then :smiley:

That’s what I was thinking, probably all the dealers making sure their stock is in their names and getting the tax disc rebate :wink:

Well my car tax was due so I did it on Friday night (ready for today, Tuesday). It didn’t show up as renewed until late Monday. Granted it was the weekend but if it’s all computerised you don’t expect a little chap with a stack of emails to be inputting the info over at DVLA.

The website probably crashed due to everyone checking theirs had gone through so they didn’t get nicked on the first day.

would not surprise me in the slightest.