Bye Bye my friends From London Bikers!

Have a good one :wink:

Good luck James and Cat, ride safe and have a amazing time!

best of luck, such a great thing to do together. enjoy!

Shame about your businesses. Have a great trip. Am sure we’ll see you on ADV.

Wishing you both a great trip - and will see you at Horizons. Might yet even see you in Turkey too?? :slight_smile:

Shame about it?? Nothings wrong with it dude, apart form the fact i’m no longer running it.

So long mate was great to meet you and Cat at Silverstone, hope you have the trip of a lifetime and wonderful experiences along they way, both of you take care and will look forward to reading your blog

all the best

Steve & Karen

best of luck to you both! stay safe

Best of luck and have a great trip!

No words! …so have an apt song :stuck_out_tongue: :kiss:

take care,and have the ride of your life :smiley:

Have a wonderful adventure, with lots of fun. We will miss you both.

this makes me and Alex sad…:frowning: i just got here and you guys are leaving already! :frowning:

but it has been a great pleasure and fun to have met you two and i am very glad that i was one of your friends. you guys are brilliant!! thank you for everything!! we really hope to visit you both at some point. new adventures are very exciting! living here is a new adventure for me and it’s great! i can totally imagine the fun that you’ll both have! :smiley: i plan to take the Gold-man away from here (hopefully soon :smiley: ) so that he can have a new adventure too…then you guys can come and visit us in the U.S. of A!! :w00t:

take care Mr. & Mrs. Rix! be safe and see you later!!! :kiss:

We’ll miss you both:kiss:

We’ve sorted out the route for the set-off:

have a good one mate :smiley:

See you on Sunday.

Hope you have fun Rixxy. Won’t be able to make the ride-out, having dinner with my parents which I can’t get out of :frowning:

Hope you have a bon voyage!

Haven’t you gone yet ffs!


stay safe…have a good journey!:slight_smile:

Hope you both have a fabulous time, stay safe, you’ll both be missed :stuck_out_tongue: x