Bye Bye my friends From London Bikers!

Hey guys,

SO we are packing the bike up and getting ready to head up to my parents before going over to derby tomorrow for Horizions Unlimited, then on Sunday we get the train to france on a one way ticket - this is the last time for a while i will have internet!

I have made alot of really good friends over the last 3 years on LB, its been a very important part of my biking life! Thanks for all the advice, thanks for all the encouragement and i have to give a special thanks to Jetstream for showing me more of my own country than i ever would have found on my own!!

For those who have not see it yet we have a blog site called so sign up and stay in contact with us.

Also im planning on meeting up with the Jetsream ride on sunday - UPDATE - 11am leaving from the ace with the Jetstream ride, stop for lunch not far from dover then say goodbye!!

More info in the rideout section.

Take care, ride safe and see you if/when we get back!!

James and Cat

Best of luck mate , wish you both all the best for the future and your new life.

Go easy james…nice to see ya yesterday bud…we’ll be here when you get back;)


have fun guys, and enjoy your travels, stay safe x:)

Have a FANTASTIC time and really hoping it all goes brilliantly for you. I am sure you will keep us updated on the blog.



Good luck on your incredible adventure! Ride safe. :smiley:


Enjoy your travels, I’m sure it will be the experience of a lifetime.


stay in touch on forums as well, once ye down under :slight_smile:

All the best fella I’ll be checking for updates each day on your website and fb. Your gonna have a time of your life!

have a blast you two, going to be a lot of us reading the blog I think :slight_smile:
might even venture out somewhere to hook up for a day or so depending on how work/life goes for the rest of the year.

It’s been great getting to know both of you.

I feel rough at work today thanks to you!

have a great trip and see you in Vegas!

Good luck with everything! Have fun and stay safe :slight_smile:

Hope you both have a fantastic trip and look forward to reading of all your blogs make sure you take plenty of pics/vids to make us all jealous;)
Ride safe xxx:D

Have fun rixxy! Hope you really enjoy it! :slight_smile:

bye bey fella, and there was me hoping it would be mr £4000k insurance R6 leaving… :stuck_out_tongue:

you mean you havnt left yet?? christ you are milking this!

in all seriousness though, hope the two of you have an amazing time :slight_smile:

Good luck James & Cat, have a fantastic time and see you again in UK.


Good luck to you both. Have a great trip and see you sometime !!!

Good luck to you both, what an adventure to go on! I’m sure you’ll make the most of every bit of it :slight_smile:

Greate meeting you both, will be here when you get back! :wink: