Bye Bye Hair...

Well, tomorrow at 1.45, in the Sixth Form Common Room, I am having my head shaved into a short Mohawk for charity, specifically Help for Heroes. For some strange reason I’m trusting a fellow pupil to cut my hair for me… :w00t:
Considering the weather at the moment and my obvious resultant lack of hair, this is going to be an interesting one. Woolly hat anyone?

I’ll put up before/after pictures tomorrow, after the butchery has occurred. It’ll be the height of hilarity for all of you :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget to buy a wolly hat as it is still cold out there.:smiley:

OK, update:

It was filmed, for all you hair-perverts to watch. Hilarity is always funny.

Enjoy! :w00t: (FYI, I’m Douet, that’s my surname, unless you hadn’t guessed ;))

I watched the first 30 secs of it.

That middle aged balding guy looks like he’s had one right weird shave!

Anyway, real pervs aren’t interested in shaves. Yours is public - not pubic :smiley:


nice one!! though not sure i’d let someone with a mickey mouse top near me with clippers!! :w00t:

You are sooo lucky you still have your ears! :w00t:

How much cash did you raise?

About £65 on the day, with another £40 expected, and then there are contributions coming in from even more people… so could be up into mid £100’s, £130 territory. Which would be nice :slight_smile:

:laugh: very good, well done for raising that money for such a worthy cause. I once contemplated shaving my head to raise sponsorship to go on an Operation Raleigh expedition. Unfortunately after making enquiries I found there was no chance of raising the £1250 I needed. That’s a lot of money now but this was in 1991 :w00t: I would have needed to sell parts of my body to raise that kind of money, like lungs, liver, heart :crazy:

Well done mate, and the money is going to a good cause.

Damned if I’d have trusted any of my mates with the clippers when I was your age.