Bye bye GSXR.

After only a very short ownership i have decide to part ways with my beloved 2006 GSXR750. I just dont think i am having enough fun on it and when i do try to have fun i am fairly certain i am going to get nicked as it always seems to be 100mph+. Maybe if i got into track days then i would be thinking differently but i would then probably use a dedicated track bike anyway.

For me it is to compromised for road use as i do not go to enough places were a sportsbike can be used in anger and thats the fun bit so i am going to swap to something just as mad and bad but where the power and handling more usable more of the time. I test rode Bike X this morning and it was soooooo much fun that i considered trading the Gix against one there and then but its going up for private sale. I love the Gix and it is truely an amazing bike but owning three might be taking the piss somewhat. Out on Bike X this morning on B Road i think i felt quicker in general than i ever have done on the Gix due to Bike X’s amazing turn in and steering. Wheelies, flapping bars, amazing brakes, fast, sounds great, different…

I am physically not very comfortable on the Gix either being tall and having grown up on motocrossers and riding my supermoto i love being able to really cane a bike and hustle it hard rather than always be holding back. Everytime i get off my Husaberg i think it is the most fun bike there is and Bike X is similar but with some practicality (compared to the 'berg not anything sensible!). Motorways i’d rather be on tourer and A/B roads i’d rather be on Bike X or the 'moto so thats that really, decision made. Going a distance on the Gix hurts a bit and it will be the same on Bike X but i think we were made for other. Suzuki I salute you for making such a great bike but we seem to have irredeemable differences and this has forced our break up.

What is Bike X going to be? C’mon give me your guesses…

Gix going in Classifieds soon.

A BMW LMAO sorry but someone had to say it

lol no its not a BMW. Did i mention its pretty insane?

SuperDuke?? Tuono??

yep i was thinking superduke. err maybe a Buel??

You don’t have to sell it, You could always give it to me…

hmmm, kinda feel the same about my 2005 Gixxer-6 but then I found trackdays… Although even with the trackdays I am considering getting rid of it.

I also guess a Superduke or something like that, maybe I should test ride one… could be a plan !..


Superdook or 950 Supermoto

I could have told you sportsbikes were a waste about ohhh 5 years ago and saved you a load of cash

Penny farthing

Thats the one mate and i’m getting some carbon rims made up for it too…

Well you all guessed right as its the SuperDuke. Wheelies and pegs down on the test ride and i just didnt want to give it back. I am currently trying to deal on one with the Akras, remap and a bit of carbon on it then gear it down a bit as its weirdly highly geared and i kept thinking i was pulling away in second. It is just like the Husabergs slightly saner older brother and i cant wait.

Well you sold me on a test ride !..

I’ll swap it for me ER5

Bracken are very accomodating i rang up and went for a test ride half an hour later. I was out for about two hours on it and got no sales pitch or pressure to buy so i’d give them a call trust me you’ll love it.

is it a go-kart

Will be sorry to see it go mate, but at least least you did give it a try. It’s a beautiful bike, and on the track, well, it’s out of this world! It’s a shame you don’t do trackdays mate, it’s a whole other world out there, a world of huge amounts of fun

mille, sv thou, buell firebolt, bandit the list goes on & on!

yes i didn’t read the 2nd page before posting!!

I’ll get out there on the SuperDuke dont worry…

ohh year one…just one thing…


keep that sucker over 8 grand and you’ll flip a whole new page geezer!!!

i too am a lankey bod and as you said,its all mental…after 5 mths of owning the k6 750,i have only just reached the tip of the iceburg…thats becouse i am just starting to trust the bike…once you break threw that barrier,you start really enjoying this wonderfully crafted bike…

before you get rid of it mate,please come out with me and just let it rip…give it a dam good thrashing with all the nine tails and sit back in amazment as she just lets you dominate her in every way…lol…sorry…just described my journey home from work…lol

but as you said,if ya not in tune with her i think it is the best decision you will make pal…

rather have you two part on good terms …lololol

good luck on ya new bike mate and stay safe…

im off to give the k6 another bubble bath…lol

move on smiled.

ohh yea P.S.

you’ve just made somone’s day…lol