Bye Bye Biking...

Well comrades, long time no post, wish it would be a nice cheery summery looking forwardy one but alas - the R6 was lifted off the driveway while I slept and is (most likely) no more than a collection of bolts and postings on eBay.

Please be kind to down in the mouth riders on beat down 50cc scoots - I am soon to join their ranks :o(

Fully alarmed, immobilised, disc locked and only 12 inches from my living room window in a residedntial area - grrrrr - would have been worth losing the bike to catch them in the act and take my basball bat to a couple of heads…

Keep all your steeds under lock and key guys…


Oh no, such bad luck mate! Did you not hear the alarm? Hope the insurance company pays out quickly for you!

So sorry to hear your loss mate really gutted for you Hope the insurance sorts it quickly for you mate.

Bar stewards. If ya gonna have to get a scoot, I’ll be kind. get some kind of t shirt that says I am only riding this because some t***er stole my r6.

oh no,

Dam bastards…

and the scoot is still a bike so its not quite goodbye…

Real sorry for your loss. Insured? Why not get another once you get your money?

sorry to hear this. I hope you manage to get a replacement bike, don’t worry your insurance company will cough up and then you can buy a shiny new one. Feel for you.

On your nice new shiney one that your insurance pays for, get a tracker fitted! But I feel for you man, their all a bunch of Bs’tards!

Bastards, I hope you’ll get your insurance soon. Will be keeping a special eye on my baby again now!!!

Sorry to hear, but think positive and get back on two wheels, no matter what size, asap!

bad luck dude…

I am para all the time about my bike getting nicked, it realy does cast a black cloud over my enjoyment of biking.

I now never leave it anywhere unless its chained to somthing heavy, i never leave it in the westend unless i can see it at all times hehe .

when a mate asks me if i want to pop over i have to plan if i can take the bike in his house if its night time.

I cover it always it may not be much but out of sight is out of tea leafin muppets minds.

yup well para

Will insurance pay? i know mine says if its nicked within 500m of my house and its not in the garage then they knock a grand of what they will pay…

hope it works out for you and the scum take it for a spin and your baby spits them off in front of a large lorry!!!

Am gutted for ya mate.

Keep the chin up and take a wander down to your nearest dealer once the Insurance pays you out.

Cheers all - think I will have the T-Shirt made up! :lol: Have cheered up a bit now, but was [email protected] devestated the past couple of days!

Will try my best to get as much out of the insurance as poss, but even still it’ll leave me about a grand out of pocket, so shiny/new/powerful things are going to live in a galaxy a long way away for the time being - ho hum…

Adam - I’m with you man, the only thing that got me to sleep the past couple of days is the prayer that that the front tyre could suffer an act of God during a 100mph corner and spit the sod where he deserves to be.

Still be about guys - just wont be able to keep up… :o)

WTF ? Adam if you have got policy wording let us have a look cos they can’t do that.

bad luck mate, i feel for ya

sorry to hear of u r loss u must b lost without it


That sucks… you didn’t have a chain & ground anchors at your house though?

Make sure you get some put in when you get your shiny new bike…

Know how you feel my friend? Had a busa nicked same way, just parked outside our front garden? It was only there cos we got new car and put that away in the garage…then he was late for work and on night shift so left it outside just for the night…they turned up about 3am (actually they had been sitting in their van for ages apparently, just waiting)…there were 3 of em and they just lifted it with alarm going, lights flashing the lot…by the time i got out, and i was alone…they had gone. And we couldnt get the insurance cos it wasnt in the garage! So now both bikes are at back of house, behind bolted and padlocked gate, alarmed, chained down and with trackers! Oh and ive got a bull mastif guarding em too!! (but HE comes in the house at night)…

Sorry though mate…its a real bummer when that happens. You get up and go to the bike and theres a big space where it sat when you last saw it…


Fingers crossed for a good insurance payout