by this time 2moro

i’ll either have the biggest smile i’ve ever had,or i’ll b throwing my toys out the pram big time,its been 10 months,and 2 ****ing operations since i rode my bike, and 2moro is the day,new battery,oil,filter,tyres,shame the rider dont feel that new,riding roads that i’ve ridden 4 the past 20 yrs,so i know how they should b ridden,and how fast,so i got something to gauge my progress against
bought a back protecter 2day on the advice of the surgeon(he rides a 999r cool) cause in his words
“if u bin it,and land on your back u have a fair chance of ending up in a wheelchair” Shocked
but on the other hand he said he’d be exactly the same as me,crawling the walls,wanting to ride,so i best not put it down the road Embarassed
so its a early,sober,drug free nite Shocked then it’ll prob piss down 2moro
oh bugger

Mate, I hope it all goes well for you. Take it easy. Try and relax and enjoy it. Nothing drastic eh. I am really happy for you that you have got to the stage of getting back out there.

Ride safe and Take lots of care. Hope it stays dry but forecast doesn’t look too good.

It’s a bloody monsoon here in Chiswick, gah. I hope it all goes well fella, have fun and take it easy, small steps and all that! Remember, the rider is always the limiting factor, just ask Honda HRC!

alright mate take it easy

good luck mate …enjoy it its gonner be sunny saturday …

:headbang :headbang :headbang :headbang :headbang :headbang

ive found the best pain relief in the world,ever ;D ;D ;D ;D
just got 2 move 2 a country that drives on the right,cause at the mo its all cool apart from hanging off the right hand side of the bike,roundabouts r now a pain not a pleasure :wail