Buzzkill! Got caught red-handed in the bus lane 😊

Worth havign a chat with the guys over at pepipoo just to make sure it’s all legit. I got caught a couple of weeks back and looking at the pics it was bang to rights! That said when I viewed the video (online) the reason i’d moved over was because of an police van with its lights on etc. The BO had tried to crop that out of the pics and video. Fecking Scammers!

Little f*ckers! Thanks for the tip matey :slight_smile:

At the risk of being a complete plank, I thought bikes could use London bus lanes? Has it changed?

Only where the bike symbol is on the sign,got to check and not assume you’re allowed!!!

Only the TFL run bus lanes and not 100% of them either.

I live in London but the Bus Lanes where I live are not run by TFL, I think they are run by the local council though not 100% sure on that, and are therefore not part of the scheme.

It’s only the red bus routes and even then not all! You have to look for the picture of a motorbike on the signs!! bet you must be gutted having just read this… :hehe:

Good post above about checking, there might have been a reason you were in bus lane… A few times I’ve had to infringe for safety reasons then afterwards thought I might expect some automated pain by mail.

Where exactly do you think that money comes from in the first place? It’s not their money it’s ours, as the money to run council’s is supplied by the public purse, taxes you and I pay!

If it costs councils more money to run these schemes then the eventual outcome is that taxes will rise to pay for the increasing cost, either that or they’ll sack a load of public servants to cut manpower costs thus increasing the burden on the state, not reduce fines or the coverage of the fines…

If you want to ‘smash’ the state, may I suggest a slightly more proactive method, read the sign in the first place? :wink: :smiley:

I read a story a while ago about a stretch of motorway where the speed limit was put down and they had speed cameras in place, so many people speeded through the cameras that they decided to ignore several thousand of those people and only bothered to send tickets to the worst offenders.

No system has infinite resources.

If every single person in this country appealed to the nth degree possible every single parking ticket and speeding ticket, the system would fall behind, and massively fall behind, and if people kept doing it, they would never catch up.

They wouldn’t make any more money, since they can only make what they are making now, so they couldn’t throw more resources at the system to help it handle the problem.

Sooner or later they would have to either 1, stop issuing so many tickets or 2, ignore all but the worst offenders.

Think of it like a simple denial of service attack on a website, but in real life and legal.

and sooner or later maybe someone close to you would become one of the increasing number of casualties caused as a result of your clever trick?

I favour a return to the good old copper in a car, who can use a bit of common sense.

Not a camera that ignores the drunk, the uninsured and the plain dangerous for the guy who went a stodge over 45mph.

Cameras have not helped traffic fatalities, technology, congestion and a change in social attitudes have helped to lower traffic fatalities.

You may a thread recently Brandon, you asked what people would favour the police doing, and I answered in that thread, cracking down on poor driving, abuse of the roads, ignoring road rules and posing a risk, from my memory a surprising number of people agreed.

Cameras don’t do that. Coppers can do that, if they are allowed to and if there are enough of them. Spending millions each year on cameras instead of coppers is a false economy.

And across the capital echoes the sound of thousands of London Bikers simultaneously throwing their head into their hands…

My response was in reply to your plan to challenge every single parking and speeding ticket, not camera.

I didn’t make myself clear on that point, but it was meant to be taken in the context of tickets issued by camera, such as the one that prompted the start of this thread.

apology accepted:P

I thought it was only the red bus lanes but riding in by a different route the other morning using the red bus lanes and noticed there wasn’t a motorcycle on the signs:w00t:

Off topic, Broady your signature animation is awesome.

Thats a bummer for sure. They seem to be on every vehicle, I was driving to pick up some family from OZ and they caught me going down a new signed taxi route…

Lets hope you dont have any more extra charges