Buzzkill! Got caught red-handed in the bus lane 😊

What a great start to the day it has been - went out for bit of a ride round my area, met some nice fellow bikers at the tea hut on Blackheath, but when I got back home, found a bl**dy penalty notice for riding in the bus lane :angry:

Stupid me for not looking I guess…

thats a downer :angry:

oh well at least you do not get any points for that. its still not great as i am sure you have other priorities to spend your hard earned cash on.
Good luck

I know! Fricking Islington council! Apparently “the alleged contravention is supported by digital video evidence” and " recorded by CCTV camera operator". I can’t believe it! What kinda job is that?! I bet people who do that kinda work have been picked on at school and are now on a power trip (just like bouncers, security people and some police officers etc.)… sorry if I offended anyone on the forum, but I had to have a bit of a rant :blush:

I mean - 60 quid - WTF?!

You are damn right! I mean, it’s my own bl**dy fault for not looking at the sign in the first place. That’s what happens if you have boys on the back :smiley: Was kinda distracted!

It’s caught many of us out. Mind you, it’s the only time someone has taken a piccy of my fat @rse from the rear so I kinda felt sorry for the operator and thought that the £60 should go to them for having to experiance that !!!

Oh, and I wasn’t picked on at school either, just here and the meets is where I get abused !!!

All deserved of course:P

Hahaha, here goes the abuse BusaBaz, I see where you are coming from!

In that case at some point your look back and laugh:laugh:

It might be ! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is also worth asking to view the evidence. If nothing else you get a good picture of you riding along, which is sometimes hard to come by.

On an off chance, they may have made a mistake.

The penalty notice has got two pictures on it, but they are small and very blurry. It could be any type of bike with two people on it in black helmets. Do you think it’s worth pursuing?

Is your reg number clearly visible??. However if you did actually do it they’ve clearly been able to read it by some method,enhancement maybe so you might just be delaying the inevitable:D

NatureGirl01 (18/09/2010)

The penalty notice has got two pictures on it, but they are small and very blurry. It could be any type of bike with two people on it in black helmets. Do you think it’s worth pursuing?[/quote

it would delay it, and cost them a bit more finger work.:smiley:

i would:P


The same regs as are applicable to parking fines apply, as there’s no points to incur it’s the registered keeper that is responsible for the fine, not the driver/rider. The idea is that if someone else was responsible the keeper can then go claim the money back from them, you can’t do that with points.

number plate theft:hehe::hehe:

it was in just now:hehe:

I think I gotta face it and pay up…argh! Here goes part of next month’s budget for some bike related stuff, boohoooooo :crying:
Thanks for all the commiserations :kiss: I needed that!

Well at least if you argue the point, ask for further/better evidence, appeal the notice etc etc.

You will delay it so you can buy your bike bling this month, and then worry about paying the fine when eventually you have no choice.

Personally I think everyone should appeal every single fine as far as the law will allow without incurring further charges, as this 1, ties up the system, 2, costs them more money so they make less profit out of us.

But i am just annoying :smiley:

They only come after decent people who register there bikes.

Honesty sees to get you nowhere these days…

Anyway talking of Blackheath T-Hut does the fat greasy geezer still work there.The one who looks like stavros flatly?

Did not see a fat, greasy geezer working there today. I’m sure he would have put me off my bacon sarnie :sick: