Buying your bike tyres

Hi. I’m thinking of starting a tyre-fitting business. It will be specific to motorcycles (ie not a car place that orders M/C tyres in specially). Before I leap in with both feet, I thought I’d get some feedback. BTW I am a biker myself of many years, but I usually post on This is not an advert as I don’t even have a business yet and it could all be a pipe dream :w00t: so I hope you don’t think I’m out of order for asking for your thoughts. This would be in the North / West of London.

One of my main problems (as a biker) is that tyre shops are only ever open when I’m at work, thus always causing me to have to go on a Saturday when they’re very busy during the summer. Also, Sunday opening would be helpful to me (as a customer) as I always tned to do my bike work at the weekends. Therefore I’m considering (if I do this) operating longer hours ie in the evening.

It would be helpful to me if you could fill in the following (very brief) survey to give me some of your thoughts.

All info (none of it is personal anyway) will only be seen by me, not shared with anyone. I’m actually thinking quite seriously of doing this. With the last box in the form you can write anything, so if you have any thoughts (like I should sell race tyres or something) can be put in there.

It’s really very short!

Thanks and have a nice day :wink:

Survey done. Good luck.

Thanks! :cool:

Good Luck, done your survey

Done, good luck!

welcome, done & goodluck :wink:


done and GL

Definitely weekend opening times would be a great bonus for many of us.


done :slight_smile:

i work shifts so times not too important for me. have filled in your questionaire. good luck with the venture.

ok done good luck

thanks everyone that’s a great response. I’m feeling hopeful :slight_smile:


Done. Goodluck!

Done, good luck

done, good luck

Tried filling out the survey but my responses didn’t fit.

I get tyres fitted during my service if they need doing at the time. If I need them outside the service, I order them online from mytyres and fit them myself (tubed).

ok thanks Martin