buying new kit


Be careful buying kit from the states, especially lids as there will be no BS/ACU stickers on it and no UK guarantee or support.

Also you may well get stung for import tax.:doze:

+1However dont be put off buying from abroad. Just get your sizes right in the shops here first. I saved £200 nicker buying my Arai from Germany. But as Chunky said no EU stickers so wont get you on a track day unless you get an ACU sticker from somewhere. I have heard people say they would only buy lids from shops in the UK because you cant garentee what type of journey/box throwers hands theyve been through. But jeaase how do you think the lids made it to the stores in the UK??? Bottom line theres money to be saved, but get your sizes right and only buy through retailers or trusted sources. :slight_smile: