buying my first set of leathers......

have only been riding for a few months, do as much off road as i do on road so up til now have been wearing gortex and mx gear but i have decided that i want to take the plunge and buy some leathers, mainly as i want to start doing track days to improve my road riding. but i wouldn’t even know where to start or what to look out for on making my choice.

i’m a size 6 petite (very petite so it may have to be made to measure… which is a bit Ouch on my wallet. or maybe even kids stuff as it would fit if its spec is high enough) i want 2 piece zip togethers rather than all in one, i ride a supermoto so am sat upright rather than the riding position on a sports/super bike, so does that make a difference too?

anyways, all help and advice would be appreciated dont want to blow loads of cash by making an uninformed choice.

idealy budget is £750. £1000 at the most, but then as this is something that saves your life if it really has to be more then it really has to be more. but if i can get a bargin even better. am going to nec to the show so am hoping i can get sorted there…

sooooo, suggestions and advice please

cheers all

Try these guys
top of the range IMO, and with your budget you should be just fine.

Hello pixie…size 6!!! (whistles) I dont have much in stock really…the Italians make teeny weeny stuff for the ladies grrrrr! Are you going up to the NEC show…'cos if you are there will be loads of stands that will be able to help…If Scott Leathers have a stand there make sure you visit them…they do a special made-to-measure service ONLY for women…they will make whatever you want including full replica suits and are VERY reasonably priced…we used to stock a Scott Leathers 1-pce Rizla Suzuki suit that was RRP£750 !!! Two pieces are always cheaper and if you keep it fairly simple it will cost less too!

Also thay are very good at putting custom lettering on the suits…so you could have ‘‘PIXIE’’ lettering on your bottom!! hehehe .Dainese also do made to measure but its not cheap…add 30% on to the retail cost of the suit ya like…ouch!

Hope this helps…

Good idea Pixie! You can’t put a price on your saftey, it really pays to invest. Personally I use Dainese suits, as they are extremely strong (personally crashed tested on the track, oops) and look trick as well (come on, you’ve got to look the part!). You may have trouble getting off-the-peg suits, but don’t fear, as someone will making something for you, it just comes down to doing some research and trying on lots of different suits.

It could also be useful to speak to Adrenalin X, as they’re a huge Dainese store (Dainese leathers rock, period) and have just had their first made-to-measure service, so might still be able to accomodate you if they have nothing off-the-peg to fit. You also get a 15% LB members discount with them…

ok, a couple of companies to look at. had found a set of dainese leathers that i liked the look of but they are off the peg so not sure if they’d fit in all the right places me being a wee one an all that.

so what thickness leather etc should i be looking at? and details like what type of armour? what about the seam stitching, is there anything i should be aware of? like how the seams are sealed etc? what would u lot consider to be the bare min for body armour too, as in what the leathers should come with as stock and what i should be paying extra for ? aaah so many questions!!!

Dont worry about those details too much…some companies (Crowtree,BKS) use REALLY thick leather and some dont (Dainese,Alpinestars) it all depends on the grade they have used…the Italians prefer a much higher grade…therefore softer and thinner…by Law ALL armour supplied in motorcycle clothing HAS to be CE approved.

Some companies also design their seams to split under impact, I know this sounds bad…but it prevents your suit from ripping itself to pieces!!

THE most important thing is to get it to fit…just like a helmet…if you find something off the peg that comes really close but could do with tidying up…again dont worry…if you like it buy it…there are loads of specialist companies (Nine Lives) who can alter your leathers so they fit purrrrfectly

r u working wed cos i may come in 4 a chat ?

Ride magazine often do tests on lots of leathers, and it’s surprizing where some of the more expensive kit comes in there top 10.
You definatly don’t need to spend £1000 to get A1 protection, and for that money I would get a made to measure suit from somebody like Crowtree or BKS.

I’m a big Scott Leathers fan, but try Hein Gericke for cheaper prices and they seem to have a good size range inc specifically ladies cut suits. (Does that mean ample chest measurements… )

Can’t beat made to measure if you can afford it. NEC’ll get you fixed up no worries, although there is also the Ally Pally show to think about.

BabyJ - quote If Scott Leathers …they do a special made-to-measure service ONLY for women… ** that’ll be Jim then LOL

Hey Pixie, you may want to have a chat with Guy Cooper, a friend of Cezar’s and now mine, he’s really tall and gets his stuff custom made, and when he last got something the prices were reasonable. He did say where he gets them made, but I’ve forgotten.

cheers for the advice all, shoppin trip coming up