Buying my first bike!


Thanks! This is my thought process too, but it always like to have a good review of all my options before making a decision. I have this weird thing about getting attached to my gear and I can’t quite see myself parting with my first bike quickly. However I do understand that inexperience might lead to a very temporary decision!

So far I have ridden on touring bikes, something like the v-strom. Super comfy I have to admit, I love travelling on them. Have also been quite a lot on a kawasaky en-650. Neither are bikes I would want to ride myself… they just don’t feel like me. If you know what I mean?

Also good point on the commuting, I don’t expect nor plan to commute by bike for a number of reasons. My desire to ride is ourely recreational and I don’t expect to be in any rush whatsoever when I ride.

Very interesting point about riding at or below car drivers. I can see that being annoying and goes straight in my list of things to check out.

I assume that if you want to buy a bike you can go for a test ride beforehand?


Sorry - quick question! I guesss depends on your frame and on your bike… but do you feel lower than cars? That would freak me out.

However I remember riding a custom as a pillion and didn’t get that impression…


I like cruisers, i struggle a bit reaching the peddles, i was going to buy a harley, but then i fell off one a few times trying to get through module 2, i’m sure people do get through mod 2 on a harley but well not me, because i then learnt with BMW on a BMW and … if i fits I sits, so I did.

not saying i don’t still want a harley, i would love one, i’d love to have both feet down and a comfortable arm chair like seat.

also i get out paced by harleys filtering through traffic all the time so its possible.

I did spend time at the London bike show, went a couple years in a row, sat on all the bikes, it’s a good idea.

Also my first bike was a yamaha ybr custom cruser and i did love it


I’m 6’ and am still above most things on the road.


I wouldn’t worry about feeling lower than traffic too much. You’re higher than most cars and at eye level with even bigger SUVs. Buses can take some getting used to but not really much of a. Difference from being a million there.

Had a naked SV650 as a first, and having ridden them a few times since, they’re a lot of fun and just really easy to ride. Definitely swing a leg over one, and yeah, for ULEZ go 07+ (well really any bike that meets Euro 4 emissions regulations)




:raised_hands: good stuff


Thanks :smiley:


Big Red nailed it. Buy what you want.


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