Buying bikes is fun! Selling 'em is &£@"ing [email protected]£!!!

Warning … Moan Thread

Agreed price with seller Saturday … it was a lot lower than asked on the strict proviso that t he money is with me today, Friday 28th…he agreed

Got text late last night “My wife (!) wants me to wait a bit is it ok if I pay you around March 10th” note the ‘around’ bit - ****** can’t even guarantee ma a late date.

NO IT FUCKING ISN’T !!! What part of ‘Strict Proviso’ and ‘Friday 28th’ did you not understand??? … Dumped him

2nd interested potential buyer saw bike , was ‘Very interested but had to clear it with his Dad’…

Next day he texted me to say he was"Very keen" but would be away for a few days and would call when he got back Wednesday

No call Wednesday or Thursday so I left message ( he NEVER answers his phone )

Saturday he texts “Sorry for the delay - I’m still interested in your bike will call”

No call.

When 1st buyer fell through I text him again to see if he is still interested

Got text back last night " Yes still very keen on your bike will call tomorrow"

It is now gone 4 o’clock - no call

So despite him saying , in order, that he’s “Very interested” then “very keen” then still interested" and finally “very keen on your bike” he hasn’t been arsed to pick up the phone , talk to me and actually make an offer or confirm he’s going to buy… grrrr

What is wrong with these people???

Where am I going wrong???

Its off season for two wheels and the weather is proper pish, most will not be in a rush to get their hands on new wheels

You’re welcome to rant, I certainly would! Unfortunately that’s just the way it is. Until you’ve actually sold it, it isn’t sold and people will fit it in with what fits for them. If yours sells, another will come along for them. If you want hassle free, trade it in against another bike. You’ll get quite a bit less but it’s easier.

That said, good luck with the sale. I’m sure someone will come along soon who’ll actually buy it :slight_smile:

Get them to send you a small deposit £50/100 via PayPal or bank transfer and the balance on collection - that might help weed out the time wasters.

Non-refundable deposit even.

it’s rude to say you’re not keen…

The policy I would apply is, it will be gone if you don’t put down cash, don’t care how keen you are. And until they put down cash, don’t consider anyone keen… :smiley:

In spades.
I do a lot of ebay/gumtree trading of guitars and musical items.
People are mostly shite and unreliable- used to get messed around all the time.
Now I don’t hold anything without a non-refundable deposit and a fixed time limit on collection.

I feel you pain…it’s like I’m really interested in your coffee but until I buy a cuppa I’m only just ‘interested’ :smiley:

Don’t worry, the right buyer will come along.

Suddenly I fancy a coffee, the room has just filled with that coffee aroma or is it just my imagination :ermm:

Wise words all and it’s calmed me down thanks! :smiley:

Yep probably the rain doesn’t help - if the sun was shining they would be thinking "Mm nice to have a decent bike to ride

“Now I don’t hold anything without a non-refundable deposit and a fixed time limit on collection.” Is bloody good advice

Both my ‘buyers’ were so excited and keen-sounding that I thought they would turn up with the cash and didn’t ask for a deposit - next time will be different - if you’re keen put your money where your mouth is! :cool::smiley: