buying an 'old' new bike

bit of a stupid question - but would a 07 bike with little miles need to be run in?

if so would the oils need to be replaced now and at the 600 miles?

is it a good idea to buy an ‘old’ new bike :blink:

i bought a 57 plate bike a few weeks ago and just took it easy but it depends on how many miles the bikes got

would love to give you a good answer but have never owned anything newer that 2001 :smiley:

The old uns are the best in my humble opinion :smiley:

07 plate with 60miles

Yes mate - check out the manual that comes with the bike - I bought a used SV1000 a few years back with only 750 genuine miles on the clock - it still wasn’t out of the engine break in period so I stuck to the recommended revs until I completed the required mileage.

If the bike has done a very small number of miles it might require a first oil change very early on (after about only 600 miles) to get rid of engine swarf - if my memory serves me right.Check the manual - it will tell you when the oil needs changing and what revs to keep it at until the engine is broken in.

with only 60miles on the clock i’d say take it easy as it will probably need running in stil

hmm :ermm: dont know if that is a good think.

dont like the pain of running a bike in :rolleyes:

Get a nice one with a few thousand miles on the clock - it should be cheaper and you can jump on and wheelie off down the road knowing that someone else has done the boring bit for you! ;):slight_smile:

Not everyone runs their bikes in as recomended. For that reason only id be more cautious about buying a nearly new bike with a couple of thousand miles on it as opposed to a nearly new bike with only 60 miles on the clock.

As stated the manual will tell you when to the oil changed and have her serviced etc. Sounds like a good deal there Pan if the price is right.

hmm the price is right(ish) will try and get it dropped abit…

what concerns me tho is whether commuting in London a good way of running in an engine…?

I think the idea is that its riden or run in as you would ride normally just not over a certain ammount of revs. If that makes sense. So I recon youd be ok with a normal commute and a couple of weekend runs.

What is it by the way.

its an 06 hornet - the round headlight (with 07 plates)

Pan, if it’s not a typo and has only done 60 miles it should be treated as a brand new scoot mate:)

Better to run a bike in and know how its been done, than some boy racer who has ragged it from day one:w00t:

doesnt it sound abit dodgy that it is an 07 plate with so little miles??

what should i check to make sure the ‘clock hasnt been turned back’ ?

someone suggested to look at the brake disks for more wear than usual :ermM:

If the purchase cost of a higher mileage bike significantly undercuts the cost of this 60 mile bike to justify it, you might as well get something with say 6/8k on the clock, and a service history - if it’s from a garage it should have a three month warranty and as you are going to start commuting on it from day one you will soon find out if there is anything wrong with it - which I doubt there will be.Just make sure you do all the usual checks when looking at the bike or bribe someone with a bit of mechanical knowledge to come along with you and give you their opinion for peace of mind.

Hornet’s are reliable bikes with strong, proven CBR600 engines - I bought my 98 Hornet a few years back from Chiswick Honda with 11 thousand miles on the clock - it’s now got 45 thousand miles on it - the engine is still going strong and I reckon I can get another 40k out of it with regular oil changes, valve clearance checks and cam chain renewal (to be on the safe side) somewhere up the road.

The suspension is totally shagged - buts that’s to be expected - but I’m going to service the forks and fit a new shock - so it should be as good as new again!

It should be pretty easy so see if it is a genuine 60 miles or not, check brake pads/disks/amount of carbon in the exhaust and any place that gets scuffed easily like heel plates, footpegs etc. I suspect if somebody was going to fiddle the clocks doing it to 60 would be a bit obvious - more likely to be 600 or a few thousand?

Could be new clocks though…

thanks danny

You wouldn’t fancy trying this out then:

Engine break in secrets

Would not be sure that I would want to try it myself…but the theory seems convincing…:wink:


yeah i have found that before… :blink: anyone tried it?

Unlikely, but it might have been used on track with the speedo pickup disconnected so the miles wouldn’t tick up.

Don’t judge it by the mileage, but how it feels to ride.

Have a good look over the bike…Maybe bring a fresh impartial pair of eyes to check it also.

Goodluck with it.