Buying a used bike privately

I have been thinking of buying a used bike privately. I have never bought privately before and only bought a couple of used bikes, usually prefer new.

But what should I look for when buying private? I don’t mean damage wise etc but checking that it isn’t a ringer or been written off? The bike is an R1, where are the engine and frame numbers ?

I guess HPI check would show up if it has been stolen, credit outstanding etc, anything else?

hpi is the way to go - but the frame/chasis no. is on the head stock - and the engine number is down by the join part of the swing arm (torch light normally needed)

it will save you load of money buying privately,more money to spend on goodies i have not bought a new bike for years

Cheers for that, I know u save laods buying privately, but what puts me off is how some people treat their bike, but this one is a friend of a friend, so hopefully going to look at it tomoz.

I wouldn’t worry about it - how can you tell that the previous owner of the dealers bike didn’t thrash it?

…and dealers margins are HUGE - I traded a bike recently and got £2500 - which I would have accepted from a private buyer… week later it’s on the forecourt for £3795!!!..

Talk about markup!

The MCN site and other motoring sites tell you the things to check when buying secondhand…

I did all these checks but was still done by one private seller who sold me something that looked fantastic, all shiney and unmolested but had a knackered alternator and an oil leak from the head gasket that was tiny and only showed up after the engine got really hot after an hours use…

he person i bought it from seemed so genuine too…

Depends what you’re buying and who from. I was offered market value to PX for mine last year, mind you that was looking at buying new.

its no differant buying a second bike from a dealer unless the dealer knows the bike,he cant say it has never been thrashed,my old r1 had done 8000 miles of the ring trackdays,140mph wheelies,but it was mint looking when i part exed it