Buying a Supermoto!

Thanks guys.

Next is looking at thinking about replacing the mirrors. Where do people get the circular ones that attach to the handlebars?

I got some generic bikeit round mirrors plus an adaptor, a bolt and some washers

The adaptor goes on the handlebar, the bolt and the washer in the adaptor, and then the mirror clamps the bolt.

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I never had mirrors on mine… Tbh you get used to it very quickly

just got a renewal quote of 499 for both bikes…
will have a look at getting some other quotes

That’s not bad.

I bought the mirrors, ta.

Lovely bike Jay!

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same here … or live with just one

10:00am replacing a mug of coffee with 690cc of orange juice


great number board !!

wish i’d done that on the 950sm !!

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keeping all discussions in one thread :wink:

I recon the reason the rear end keeps sliding on corner exit is that the tyres are from 2014?

should you replace a 6yr old tyre ?

I think that question is one you’ll get a dozen different answers to :slight_smile:

If it was me, I’d probably replace them, if only because in those six years, tyre technology will have moved on and newer tyres will almost certainly be grippier.

Firstly though, when traction is an issue, I would check the tyre pressures first, make sure they’re not too high and then look at suspension setup as it could be a suspension issue, not tyre issue. @B might be able to comment.

yeah since we chatted tyre pressure is per manual.
Might be worth @B having a look anyway to set it up for my weight :muscle:

I type tentatively as a “tyre topic” can be prolonged haha.
The tyre manufacturers often suggest a 5 year rule to replace them but If the tyre has been stored correctly and just fitted in recent years and not showing signs of excessive wear or aging then I would not have any issues using it beyond that.
As for handling issues, that can down to a combination of reasons. Tyres being one of them and its the first thing I check before I do a set up.
If you need any help Pan, let me know.

Hmm that’s the issue. The bike is new to me so unsure when tyres were fitted or how it was stored.

Might go through the receipts I got with the bike

or do a burnout to justify replacement

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Riding a bike is all about confidence so If you have any uncertainty don’t let it spoil your ride and safety. There’s so much choice out there.
Tyre technology nowadays is phenominal and can transform the experience for a very small cost per mile.


Check orientation as well ie arrow pointing right way …

I think you have got the right answer, but possibly, and only possibly, for the wrong reason. Iirc, this is the dob (date of birth) of the tyre which is displayed as first two digits represent the week number within the year, and the last two digits represent the year. That tyre was manufactured during the twentieth week of 2014.

yep tyres are from 20th week of 2014. :slight_smile: