Buying a Supermoto!

Oh and:


Nice… Was thinking to get my Kia on mine but thought it wasn’t right :rofl:

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this is what I put on mine…

when I had mine mapped they said it wasn’t running particularly lean anywhere (the exhaust and open air box was already fitted), so I think I probably could’ve got away without it but it’s peace of mind I suppose. I got 3 extra horses and 1.3 ft lbs of extra torque so hardly big gains but what I really wanted was the peak torque to kick in slightly lower down the rev range

at the end of the day it’s a dirt bike with 77hp at the rear wheel so you don’t really need the extra power haha. if you have to go down the PC route it’s probably not worth the extra £££ but we don’t always make sensible decisions when buying stuff for our bikes do we? :joy:

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Ah cool. Thanks mate.

I was wondering why KTM don’t do this from the factory, but I guess it’s because the chassis is meant for both Enduro and SM applications and for Enduro it needs the fording protection the snorkel and air box cover gives. No need for that on a road bike!

Yeah maybe that’s it. When you buy the akra exhaust kit you get a different air box cover that has cut outs and mesh over them. If yours has got the full covered airbox on it then it’s probably worth doing a DIY version or getting that DNA kit. Incidentally when running the Akrapovic airbox and exhaust kit they don’t say you have to remap so guess that’s why my fuelling was pretty much ok before the tune

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If you do get that DNA kit just make sure to cover it when washing your bike!

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Depends who’s leading the rideout

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Fitted the Wings exhaust and tail tidy today. The exhaust is a nice bit of kit had a bedding in period of 30 miles of gentle riding to burn off some manufacturing guff and bed the wool padding in, got that done by going for a ride after work. Ended up at Newlands Corner.

Number plate hanger is one I picked up off eBay. It was the only one I saw that retained the original tail light which is a really nice bit of kit so would have been a shame to lose.

Will take some proper pics and share the installation process on a dedicated thread soon. Some teasers for now…

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That exhaust is a vast improvement :+1:
Same with plate hanger

Very nice, love newlands corner!
You doing decalset next?

Thanks guys.

Next is looking at thinking about replacing the mirrors. Where do people get the circular ones that attach to the handlebars?

I got some generic bikeit round mirrors plus an adaptor, a bolt and some washers

The adaptor goes on the handlebar, the bolt and the washer in the adaptor, and then the mirror clamps the bolt.

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I never had mirrors on mine… Tbh you get used to it very quickly

just got a renewal quote of 499 for both bikes…
will have a look at getting some other quotes

That’s not bad.

I bought the mirrors, ta.

Lovely bike Jay!

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same here … or live with just one

10:00am replacing a mug of coffee with 690cc of orange juice


great number board !!

wish i’d done that on the 950sm !!

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