Buying a Supermoto!

No but that’s only because I don’t really have a commute. Though when I will use it for work it’ll never be left out on the road. They have a tendency to go missing very quickly by all accounts.

noticed an interesting fact this morning:
tire pressure for 2012 says 29/29
tire pressure for 2019 says 33/36

can the two bikes be that different in weight and power to require such different tire pressures?

There does seems like a big difference. Perhaps the OEM rubber on the new ones is a lot softer and needs more internal pressure to hold shape?

I do remember hearing that tyre pressures in manuals relate to the tyre the bike comes with.

Never known if there’s any truth in that but it would make knowing what pressure to pump to nigh on impossible if you always change tyres.

With a quick google you realise the 2019 model is about 5KG more and produces 8HP more.or 6KW. It has less suspension travel (not sure if that makes any impact) and it’s a different colour… Interestingly (if you like to talk through the nose) on the 2019 the front suspension travels 25mm less than the rear… on the 2012 model it’s the same.

After a quick google you realise you have no idea what any of these figures have to fo with tyre pressures :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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very good point

What tyres do the latest ones have as OEM?

Some Bridgestone. I’m thinking of changing them out for something better. Never much like Bridgestones. Undecided whether to get stickiest road tyres or those wet-tyre looking ones (Avons?). Happy to receive suggestions.

i always liked michelin
got the pilot road 4 on the CB1R and pilot power on the SMCR

very topical suggestion from youtube

The thing with all these discussions is that you can do all the calculations you want, and still get the wrong answer. I only watched 5mins but couldn’t sit there and watch more. I’m sure it’s all important but unless you’re going to tell me 2-3psi either way will be the risk of me crashing or going like Rossi, chances are I’m going to stick to guidelines


no, he said that there is no right answer. that you need to do your own trial and error and reach to the pressure that is right for you

To me there’s a noticeable difference on my Speed Triple between having the pressure at the manual’s spec and what I run, 4psi less on the rear tyre.
I only run the spec pressure if I’ve got a pillion or luggage.

Ah ok - I agree with that. I normally have just done it to the spec and it felt ok. So then decided not to experiment :smiley:

Insurance bought. £652 fully comp with Claire on the same policy too. Oof, bit more than expected. Only three brokers quoted. Surprised MCE wouldn’t. DRZ is £88 :slight_smile:

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that’ll be the orange tax

Went with the Wings exhaust in the end. Reviews seemed okay and I like the idea of a two-stage baffle system.

Also, picking the bike up tomorrow. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

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Picked her up, got all of about 50 miles on her so far. Currently at the Ace Cafe enjoying a Chicken Cesar Salad (who would have thought you could get half way healthy food at the Ace now?!).

Anyone out?

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Also, gotta say, man does she handle, what a hoot!

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Your chicken cesar salad handles well? Who would’ve thought eh?

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Little beast