Buying a secondhand sportbike

Hi there,I want to buy a second hand sportsbike, but I need some advice because I bought and kawasaki ninja T reg from a dealer it was really clean and had 9606miles on the clock but gave me nothing but trouble.

So as a result i have a few questions:-

  1. How do you know when a bike has been thrashed?

  2. Is the an amount of mileage at which you will not consider buying a sportsbike?

  3. What other thing should be taken in consideration?

I am thinking of spending between £2000-£2500

any help would be much appreciated

Firstly… what ninja did you buy ? they’re pretty reliable bikes, so I would imagine that mileage wasn’t genuine.
As for the rest…

  1. All bikes will have been thrashed - that’s why people buy them, and it doesn’t hurt them.
  2. Mileage ain’t important, condition and service history are.

Always take someone who knows about bikes if you don’t.

I had a Zx6r.

You learn something new everyday

Thanks for the reply…it’s relieved some of the anxieties I had about getting a bike. I agree with your point about thrashing bikes…most of the guys I know do that to their bikes. But I assumed doing that would be a bad for the bike.

Surely higher mileage would equate to more wear and tear on the bike, than on another bike with less mileage.

Again much appreciated

Buy a Triumph, their riders are forced to sign a proforma saying they will not ride above 40 mph and will report any oil leaks or strange noises encountered before the first 500 mile oil change. As a result all Triumphs are riden carefully for at least 500 miles. As booking the first service will entail a wait of up to six months this entails a lay off for most of the first summer and a first service round about October. At this point you are advised to garage the bike until the following March.

To cut to the chase, any one year old Triumph should have done less than 653 miles and will be a good used buy.

I have seen three year old Rocket threes with less than 400 miles on the clock. Such a pedegree must invite interest from any second hand hound!

But, never forget the old and trusted adage “buyer beware” even e second hand Triumph can be a right old dog.

For this reason alone I beseach you and all my viewers to buy new whatever the cost and support Gordon and the British economic revival.

I wish I could buy new…but the budget won’t let me!

Gordon has a plan.:stuck_out_tongue: