Buying a Cat C write off

Hi All

Went to see a Fazer 1000 from a small dealer today: the bike had been dropped by the previous owner and the dealer is now fixing it with a view to sell it.

Damage include the front fairing, a 1-inch square deep scratch to the tank, engine cover (the mushroom took quite a battering), then the usual brake leaver, exhaust can, side panel scratches.
The rest of the bike looks ok and the dealer said that he will repair it completely (including respraying) in a week.
Admittedly the price he quoted is a bit below the guide price.

I asked him if it was HPI clear and he said that he hadn’t checked and told me to feel free to write down the reg no and check it myself. So I did: I know it’s 20 quid to get a report but hey, you never know. The report confirmed that it was recorded as a Cat C write off in Jun 2006. Now, my main concern is that at that time the bike was only a year old - and since today’s damage does not seem to warrant such classification (Cat C usually include some structural damage), it suggests that perhaps it has been dropped more than once.
What advice would you give?
The report doeas actually say that after the Cat C in 2006, it received a further Cat D in Jun 2007 (? Didn’t even know it was possible to go from C to D…).

My question therefore is: I’m no expert but, the actual damage as it is now would not seem to warrant such classification
What advice