Buying a Busa

So I’m selling my fighter next week and I’ll be looking at some Busa’s around 99-2000 models, anything specific I should look out for apart from the usual?



watch out for long swingarms and shift lights !!! :smiley:

yeee **** ha !!!


No worries there. Not looking for one that’s been cained on a strip. :smiley:

they’re pretty solid bikes , the early ones 99/00 have the fuel pump outside the tank and have filters that get clogged up leading to running probs but are easily sorted, there have been starter clutch issues but most will have been sorted by now, ask if it has ! apart from that you’ll lose your license :smiley:

I’ve been doing a little reading on them and they seem to be solid like you suggest but have a ‘grabby clutch’.

I am a little worried about the license bit. But its clean at the minute so…

I’ll be seeing you guys on Saturday so if I think of anything I’ll be bending your ear - if you don’t mind. :smiley:

the grabby clutch which is caused by the ramping action of the inner and outer rings is easily modded for smooooth launches …


Time on me hands with broken leg so checked a back issue of ‘Bike’ magazine with a Busa buyers guide:

Beyond fairly obvious maintenance the Busa suffers no major mechanical woes.

Pre-2003 bikes (pre-nitrided fork models) have dodgy external fuel pumps (as mentioned above) with filters that need cleaming every 8000 miles - dirty filters cause misfires and glitches.

Early bikes also had cam-chain tensioner issues which were fixed under recall.

On a few bikes the starter motor gear can snap and break the crankcases internally - but this is v.rare.

Subframe - 1999 and 2000 bikes had ally sub-frame welds that could crack when the bike was fitted with after-market cans - though there was no official recall, later models had a steel sub-frame that was retro-fitted to earlier bikes by dealers free of charge.

Cheers for that Sid. All good stuff to have in mind :smiley:

Any time! :slight_smile:

i had one ,very good just raised the rear to make it turn faster its a very good mod makes alot off difference to the way it rides,brakes abit poor very thirsty,eats tyres,but a fantastic engine and box.come to think of it i put lsl bar kit on it it was hoot to ride like that.iv still got it i think and the modded buble screen to suit it.ill have a look.


about bl00dy time, lol.

wont have to listen to you going on about i want a busa, lol