Buying a bike with no tax

I’m thinking of buying a bike that is currently MOT’d, but SORN’d & uninsured…

Presumably as the seller has no insurance, I can’t ask him to tax the bike for me before I buy it. But if I buy the bike and receive the green slip from the V5 Reg Doc, plus I have my insurance certificate, can I just tax the bike myself at the Post Office so I can ride it home? Or can I tax it online somehow?

Or, is there any kind of leeway in terms of being given a bit of time to tax a used bike bought privately, or will the Police just ticket me straight away for riding with no tax?

Cheers :cool:

No leeway, but you can tax with green slip, MoT and Insurance cert.

you only need valid MOT (checked electronically) and your part of the V5 to tax it in a post office. probably a good idea to insure it though :smiley:

I heard that apparentley you dont need to insurance certificat anymore to get tax at post office

Tax it online there on his driveway. That’s what we did

If you chance it, you could be unlucky and get nabbed for £100 :wink:

And in a couple of months road tax won’t roll over from the previous owner so everyone will be taxing bikes this way.

As Jaime said…

As long as you insure it before you pick it up the insuraance will be on the DataBase and as it has a current MOT you will be able to do it online there and then when you pick it up. I’ve done this before with Cars and it is so easy.

When i brought my green Zx6r it had no tax. I tried to order tax online but it wanted to send it to the current registered owner( not me) so i had to use my portion of the v5 to prove the bike was now mine and they scan the bar code on it to check your mot. Don’t need proof of insurance. I recommend going to the nearest post office to the place you pick up the bike (if your riding it back) to reduce the Chance of being pulled for no tax.